Official coaching list Updated 1/30

(Cristian) #81

Was it already mentioned somewhere wiki has a gibbs edit that hasnt been fixed?

(Patrick) #82

You guys are hilarious. :rofl:


Anyone have updates on DC?

(Dan) #84

Does coach Bishop approve of Bauer’s hire? Hope so.


Bauer School of Strength & Conditioning.

(Tom Green) #86

Bishop says he has no idea, he has his own bldg for Basketball-- Guy V Lewis Development Center. :grin:

(Ian Blake) #87

This business is hardly a laughing matter.


His profile picture of his neck is a pretty good indication that he knows what he is doing.

(Eric) #90

Really curious what’s up with the DC search.


FYI, practice is different from strength and conditioning

(Jimmy Morris) #92

I wouldn’t expect a high profile DC hire now. We already hired a “co” so I’d look for a high profile linebacker’s coach to take on the “Co-DC/Linebackers” position.


Click the edit button and you can fix it yourself.

(Randy ) #94

I don’t think that’s true.

(Jimmy Morris) #95

There is going to be a double up somehow. Assuming we keep Randy or replace him with a running backs coach, that leaves two spots open. We still don’t have a defensive line coach or linebackers coach. So the Co-DC will be in charge of one or the other. Then again our QB coach hasn’t been a QB coach for 8 years so anything seems to go with this staff.

(Randy ) #96

We will have 10 assistants so 3 spots open if Clements stays. That said, I’d be really surprised if he is here next year. I think this game of chicken will end eventually.

The Co-DC is just a title and mostly for money. We had the same setup with Naivar and Orlando. It was Orlando’s show despite having the co-coordinator titles. Also, the playcalling DC will be in charge of a position.

Same thing with Sumlin having co-offensive coordinators. Phillips was a co-coordinator but the offense was run by Holgorsen and then Kingsbury. So much so that Sumlin skipped over Phillips when Holgrosen left and promoted the QC guy (Kingsbury) to the top job.


Expect it.

(Jimmy Morris) #98

Did the rules change? Thought it was a head coach and 9 assistants.

(Randy ) #99

Yes, the rules changed in 2018.

(Jimmy Morris) #100

OK Good to know.

(Chris Vaughan) #101

I expect an Associate HC/ Co-DC