Official coaching list Updated 1/30

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Houston: Source tells FootballScoop Dana Holgorsen is hiring Tyler Hancock (special teams quality control), Will Weaver (defensive analyst) and Michael Burchett (offensive analyst).

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Is this a normal size staff?

(Cary) #144

10 assistants and a slew of analysts - “non-coaching” coaches.

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LOL!!! At it again Randy!!

(Jimmy Morris) #147

One thing to take into account, one of these hires might be given a temporary title since the NCAA cap is 10 assistants and Clements is still listed as an assistant. Can’t name another assistant until Randy is reassigned, quits, gets fired or gets hired elsewhere.

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Walked right into that one! LMFAO

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No update on the other two coaches yet but updated to show Grace Muscarello’s new position moving from Assistant Director for Football Recruiting to Assistant Directof for Football Operations.

(Ben) #150

Glad to see she was retained… continuity :grimacing:

(Patrick) #151

Nice. Muscarello was a good one; glad to see they brought her back.

Hoping that Tim Tekyl is retained as well.


Where are you getting Recruiting coordinator? He doesn’t say anything about that and he’s just going from grad assistant at SMU, seems like that would be a pretty big jump for him

(Patrick) #153

That’s what his twitter profile says

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I’m going to start posting the list in two spots so no one has to scroll to the top each time they want to see the whole list.

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Hey y’all, I am prepping for a video interview for our business tomorrow. To prep I watch video’s of coaches. (Prepping for coach speak HA!) Anyway, I came across this video with Dabo about the term “Clemsoning”. I love the attitude toward the term. This is the attitude we need in our program IMO.

What do y’all think? Anybody around when the term “Coog’ing it” was used?

(Bryant Hargrave) #159

Still is, really I have no issue with the term. every school uses that term. Because the reality is the vast majority of programs deal with thos same issue again and again.

(Patrick) #160

Glad they brought Alex Brown back as well. Another solid guy.

Interesting that they’re breaking up the Recruiting coordinator into “offense” and “defense”

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