Official coaching list Updated 1/30

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Getting a little confused on what counts as an assistant coach at this point. Because of where they positioned Zac, I’m guessing the top 9 guys below Dana count as official assistants, Clements on the bottom counts as an in limbo assistant and the rest in between count as part of the athletics staff.


(Randy ) #165

I think that’s right. The top 9 (eventually 10) under Dana are the coaches allowed to recruit off campus. The rest are also part of the $4.5M salary pool.

(CoogNation_14) #166

Dang 4M in budget was used up fast.

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I think this shows us how expensive a good staff is and how important it is for us to be in a p5. All this and more would be paid for by the near $30m a year we’re missing out on.

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It’s hard being a Coog. There is no point in worrying about being in a P5. Never gonna happen. We need to dominate the G5 and make a NY6 bowl yearly.


If P5 is never going to happen then UH football program is in trouble.


Yes if P-5 doesn’t happen for UH, we’re in serious trouble unless we would find it acceptable to be like Rice.

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Source tells FootballScoop Matt Ellerbrock, grad assistant at Arkansas State, has accepted a defensive grad assistant position on Dana Holgorsen’s staff at Houston

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Staff getting ridiculously long. Think this will be the last update. Anyone feel free to add on or start a new one.

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They actually just hired me as the official team assistant to the assistants.

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DL Grad Assistant:


I believe P5s have larger staffs than G5s. This is what CDH is use to. I think I heard Alabama has 100 on staff for football.


That’s what she said, but that’s certainly up for debate.


Post of the day.:grinning:

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As my first order of business as the assistant to the team assistants, i plan to hire an assistant to assist me with my daily tasks. The title of this new assistant will be the assistant to the assistant of the team assistants.

(Chris Vaughan) #181

I was hired as Senior Assistant to the Senior Assistant to the Assistant Head Coach. I make a bit more than the Junior Assistant to the Senior Assistant to the Assistant Head Coach. I get more because as a senior I get up earlier. I do need more bathroom breaks though.

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Sounds like you need to hire an assistant!