Official ticket dump thread

(gpropes) #1

I figured it would be best to have one central location for all the people to announce that they’re giving up their season tickets. I suspect it won’t be hard to find posters on this board who would be more than happy to upgrade. Like me, for example.

(Dustin K) #2

Not giving up my tickets. I don’t like this hire because of the baggage but will wait and see.


No way giving up our tickets, take this thread down, this is BS, hopefully season tix sales increase


I just want to get away from all the ticket broker seats. My section used to be full of families. This season, every week was a different person. Most were drunk and abusive, had little knowledge of the game, and just screamed obscenities.

(norb) #5

That’s a sign that we’ve made it.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #6

I probably won’t pick up any extra this year, but keeping all of my extras.

(Bryant Hargrave) #7

On this board, I currently count 2 season ticket boycotters, maybe a third overall if you count someone who really hates the hire. So far the votes with the wallets are certainly in favor.


Yes and those boycotted probably arent in better seats than I have now.

So much for applewhite getting me better seats. I imagine tickets will start to get hard to find as we win more. Until briles takes over as coach then it’ll really take off


I need to upgrade my seats


I was going to take a break this year from season tickets, but now I will most likely renew my tickets. Great hire!


I expect our fans know football, and know this will mean better football


Great hires, love it.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

Whoever decides to not renew your season tickets because of this let me know where yall sat at so i can upgrade. yall are pathetic

(Lugo) #14

Anyone in section 229 not renewing please let me know. Would like to add seats even if my little one is only 3 months old. Go Coogs!


No need for that here. Keep the discussion civil. People have a difference of opinion and they are now pathetic? Chill. Based on the statements from the school they had serious concerns as well. No need to namecall based on fans having the same concerns.


We won’t know for sure about this hire until the depositions and/or testimony in the lawsuit have been made public. The backlash now could be microscopic compared to when that is made public or it could all go away. My confidence in Dr Khator and the level of clearance I’m sure she would demand for a hire like this is the only reason to be optimistic that this won’t end up being extremely embarrassing for UH.

(shharper01) #17

how many would have cancelled with a Mehringer hire?

(Alfred Matthews) #18

if one coaching hire a person dont like means you not renewing season tickets then that person was never a real fan to begin with. gives folks like me a bad name. idc if oj simpson was hired as OC i would still support this school.


I trust Khator.

(G.W.) #20

If someone in the gray seats wants to dump their tix I will take them…just let me know.
I’m more excited about this hire than the Applewhite hire.