Official Top 16 CBB - Coogs a 3 seed

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Don’t forget the top 16 teams chosen by the NCAA committee will be unveiled this morning at 11:30 on CBS…

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Houston has had a dominant season so far. I will be surprised if the Cougars aren’t in the top 16 Saturday when the men’s basketball committee does its reveal. The Cougars are playing like a strong 3 seed right now with a chance for a 2.

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Basically have us as the 11th ranked team right now. That’s not bad as our schedule gets tougher from here on out.


I have to think that if we run the table (not out of the question), and win the tournament, a 33-1 record should garner at least a #2 seed.

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All in the same region.

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It’s just a starting point. We should all be happy with a 3 seed at this point. Means we can still reach a 2 seed even with a loss at Cincy.


Second highest team west of the Mississippi.

Everything is right in the universe.

I know I will get burned at the stake for saying this but Texas football and Houston Basketball are the dominant names in college athletics in Texas. Both being good feels right.

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If I was going to burn you at the stake, it wouldn’t be for that comment, it would be for when you said there was no way Applewhite would be on the hot seat if we didn’t win our division in 2018. haha

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Sounds like we’re just behind Kansas.


Even Nostradamus had some bad predictions. His Venice over Milan in the 1592 jousting world championship was a really bad pick.



UH Track & Field is becoming a dominant name in the nation.

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3 straight losses and Michigan State is a #2 seed?!?! That’s laughable. I don’t care, who you lost to, at some point winning games has to matter, doesn’t it?

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TSU lost to a slew of name brands in OOC play so they should get an at-large!


Third highest, Gonzaga and Kansas are above us


This to me shows the committee is more interested in conference affiliation than record. Kansas, MSU, and Purdue above us is laughable, two 6 loss teams and one 5 loss. They talk about Kansas Q1 wins but fail to mention their Q2 losses. Losses have to matter at some point but it seems like quality losses mean more that mediocre wins. Just bush league