Official Top 16 CBB - Coogs a 3 seed


I do however like being in the Midwest region. I think we need to avoid the east or the west just for location’s sake, would be nice to get as many traveling fans as possible


If Houston win the last 8 games of the regular season and the AAC tournament, no worse than a 2 seed.


I want to say that’d be true but I seriously have my doubts


Sound like Texas quality wins will get them in as well. There should no justification for a four loss team ahead of one loss team…(by the way we tried to get in their conference but they didn’t want us in for fear of recruiting) kills the conference argument or should.

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MSU (and even purdue) being that high does not make any sense.

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Just as a hyperbolic example, I don’t think a team that is 4-3 against the top ten be penalized for playing more top 10 games by ranking them behind a team that is 3-1 against teams ranked 20 through 25. A computer might say one team is 4-3 and another 3-1 against the top 25 so the 3-1 is better but humans get to scrutinize more closely. Kansas, MSU, Purdue and Houston are all within a close range and I don’t consider it bush league or laughable to rank them in any specific order.

If we sweep Cincy, then we make a stronger case to be ahead of all 3.

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Just one time for goodness sakes, be happy about the season, where we are ranked and where we are seeded. For crying out loud, many were worried that we were going to get screwed out of the top 16 and now being 11th isn’t worth celebrating?

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At the end of the above video they said that the AAC is on the “uptick”! The problem is that that instead of looking at facts( AAC vs. B12 4-1 & AAC vs. SEC 5-5) they have a perception that puts our Conf. behind the 8 ball !


Final Fours will change their mind.

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I’m just happy to be on this show, really great for the program. Our name will be everywhere today.

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Where did you get that stat?


“So, how good of a predictor is that list for Selection Sunday?

Lucky for us, we’ve got two years of data to pull from.

First takeaway: they’re pretty accurate as a whole.

In 2017, 15 of the 16 teams ranked in the in-season Top 16 were ranked in the actual Top 16 on Selection Sunday. The lone outlier was Virginia, which fell to No. 17, replaced by Purdue.

In 2018, that number dropped to 13 out of 16 — still fairly good — as Clemson, Ohio State, and Oklahoma suffered rough stretches to end the season and dropped by Selection Sunday.

Still, the predictions have proved to be very close through two years. Aside from that Oklahoma team in 2018, no team has moved more than two seeds in either direction from their Top 16 reveal placement.”


Feel really bad for Navada…


You say this often about quality losses being looked at as a positive but the committee doesn’t do that other than to the extent it may help a team’s ranking in Kenpom or BPI ranking. Though the committee doesn’t hold losses to good teams against you and doesn’t give you much, if any, credit for beating lousy teams.

Good wins for a while have been the most important thing. Not having really bad losses is also important. MSU has 8 wins against teams currently generally projected to be in the field. We have 3.

You can get mad all you want but the way they pick teams over the last several years hasn’t changed and likely won’t change much in the near future (with some head scratching exceptions here and there). If we had picked up a couple of OOC wins against teams like Duke and Kentucky we’d be a 1 right now.

I will say that until today MSU didn’t look like the same team since Josh Langford got hurt, so that factor would have been fair to move them down a bit.


i dont car about seed that much, for me its like a gorupin…

1 through 4 is the same to me (your playing a bad auto bid 1st game) … similar quality path to final 4

5 is unique as you are getting a likely good team in bad conference that probably deserves a higher bid if not for schedule (where the infamous 12:5 upset happens)

6-8- you be favored game 1 vs a good opponent.underdog the rest

9-11: be thankful you mad the tourney

as long as we are top 4…id be happy…

as far as our specific bracket…that would be a DREAM!!!..If i could lock in our bid now, and forgo trying to get a higher one i would…Virginia is the least talented “elite team”…kentucky is ripe with inexperience …Wisconsin hasnt beaten anyone better than us, only 1 thats even remotely close …




They are a 2 seed because of their wins and who they beat. Quality wins have always been more important to the committee than who you lost to.


Except the Big 12 where Texas steal a spot from some team who deserve to be in…

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“The quadrant system used on last season’s NCAA tournament team sheets is still in place, with NET replacing RPI as the sorting tool. Team sheets will also still include other metrics, including ESPN’s BPI and Strength of Record, as well as those from Kevin Pauga, Ken Pomeroy and Jeff Sagarin.”

Here is the funny thing, out of all the resources they listed, two not listed were the most accurate. Massey Composite and AP poll.


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5. Houston has a chance for its highest seed since the Phi Slama Jama days.

The committee currently rates the Cougars (21-1) a No. 3 seed in the Midwest. It would be the program’s highest since being a No. 2 in 1984, when Houston lost in the championship game to Georgetown.

Other potential breakthroughs: Nevada, as a No. 4 seed, would have its highest seed in program history; Marquette, as a No. 3, would have its highest since the Dwyane Wade-led Final Four team of 2003; and Tennessee has never been a No. 1 seed.