Official Top 16 CBB - Coogs a 3 seed

(Grant) #41

But that is on a uptick from the previous years. The quality across the board had not been there.

(Jimmy Morris) #42

The numbers weren’t right anyway… The AAC has a decent record against the Big12 (this year) but just off the top of my head, pretty sure Memphis, SMU and Wichita State all have losses to the Big12 so that is why I asked where he got that 4-1 bogus stat from.


But for Navada, the NET was more accurate…

(Jimmy Morris) #44

Yes, NET was more accurate than Massey Composite on 5 out of 16 teams. Massey Composite was more accurate on 8 our of 16 teams. So overall, Massey was more accurate and I suspect after all those ratings update through today’s games, you will see Massey move us up a little more.


True, I mean they did beat like 6 ranked teams so far. Just seems odd that those 3 recent losses didn’t seem to affect their resume at all. Oh well, who cares anyhow…I’m tired of all this seed talk. Just tell me who we play in March lol


Houston should be a 2 seed (taking into account games since last Saturday), with North Carolina, Kentucky, and Purdue losing this week.

(Tom Green) #47

Does anyone have a screenshot of 16 teams that were announced on Sat for current seed rankings


Near top of thread.

(Tom Green) #49

Not sure but dont think Purde was ahead of us in top 16 rankings released by Committee on Sat.

(Tom Green) #50

Oh. Thanks

(Tom Green) #51

I see now. Nevada n Purdue are kinda flip flopped from AP n Committee eyes