Offseason training - getting better 2019

For the non-Alan Bishop stuff

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Lol at Kellen calling some folks out.

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i LOVE how grimes is fully involved, looks like buying in wont be an issue


I am amazed at how much some of these kids have beefed up.

Nate Hinton was listed at 198 before and is now 6-5 and 210.

Sasser was listed as 6-2 and 170, now 6-1 and 200. Maybe the extra 30 lbs pulled him down an inch.

Fabian put on 25 lbs from last year, Harris put on 35 lbs, Jarreau added 15 lbs (he really needed it). Roberts added 20 lbs, Broodo added 30 lbs.

On the other hand Cedric dropped 10 lbs.

The thing is, we can see from the workout videos and photos, that they are putting on muscle. These kids donโ€™t look like they will be muscled from under the basket this year for sure. Harris is really intriguing to me. If he has added some skills along with the 35 lbs, he can be a real force. Letโ€™s hope he has developed into at least a 50% shooter at the line.


Heโ€™s talking about Hinton.