Offside against Oliver?

Could someone explain the offside penalty called against Ed when the center initiated the contact?

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The refs obviously saw Ed jump and get back, and when the center reached out and tapped Ed, the refs interpreted that as Ed causing him to react. BS, since EO was already back, but hey, refs will see things differently sometimes.


Ed was not already back. O-line is taught to move when a defender enters the neutral zone. Penalty almost always goes against the D.


It must be terrifying to a center knowing that Ed Oliver might jump early!

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Refs also missed that horse collar tackle on the Stevenson on that last big run.


i thought that too but when i rewatched on the video, i think he grabbed and released pretty quick, he did not actually bring him down by the collar.

Side note… the AZ center is a walk-on and still hasn’t earned a scholarship. Essentially, he was paying good money to be abused by Ed.


It was called a neutral zone infraction. Which means they interpreted it as a player on the defense jumping into the zone early and a offensive player reacting to it. It’s not much different than when an offensive guy does a slight flinch and the defensive guy jumps and smacks their shoulder pad.

It was actually a high IQ play. The centers right arm is fully extended and his left shoulder is back. So if he makes contact, it proves the defender was still over the ball. If he misses, it’s not considered a move that simulates the snap of the ball and the play continues.


I thought it was funny. Smart play by the center. It sure looks weird when you get slapped on the helmet and get the penalty, but that was the correct call


Seems obvious to me that a defender in the neutral zone that causes movement by the offense results in a penalty against the defense.

However, the wrinkle for me is the type of movement in this case. A Deacon Jones-like headslap seems like it might trump the encroachment–or at least result in offsetting penalties???

I guess not. I think Ed was thinking the same. I’ve never seen anything like that.

I guess it was a pretty “heady” move by the center. (Yes, I went there . . . and I’m proud of it).

Let’s be honest. None of us have ever been face to face with Big Ed in the trenche. I’m surprised the center didn’t pull the old Louisville falling backwards routine.

That was Louisville, right?

Deacon Jones is rolling in his grave after comparing that all wrist, tag your it, type of love tap to Deacon’s full arm swing slap to the side of the head. If they did a Bad Lip Reading for that play, I’d picture Nathan Lane saying “get out of my face” for the clip.

I laughed for 5 minutes. Every time they would show a replay.

Yes. That OG was abused all night by EO.

The refs called it “defense initiated contact” in their after-play explanation. So no…I don’t think they got it right.


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