Ogbonnaya flips to Baylor


Yep. I was expecting it.

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Baylor has a 20-year record of murder, rape, sexual assault, cover ups at both the individual and the institutional level and who knows what. They will tell you with a straight face that it’s all fixed and yet the last two compliance people have resigned over the wall of lies and denial they ran into trying to drag this program into the light. You have to be in total denial or dumb as a brick to believe their recruiting BS. I’ll stop there.


He did it so his recruiting rating would go up.


I guess I don’t understand how they didn’t get any ncaa sanctions after the Starr/Briles incident(s)?

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Buck Faylor!!

I assume since almost all of the NCAA sanctions against Penn State were rolled back, they figured why waste the time, energy and money in defending them.

@UHFan79 you’re preaching to the choir.

Other than ego, why would it matter?

He deleted the tweet. Might have pulled the trigger a bit too quick, he might not have an offer from BU yet.

No hes had one officially for awhile.

Well now that I check his twitter again he seems to have deleted his Baylor offer post…

He’s had one but the spot might be filled now

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If he publicly committed to a school that didn’t offer him or didn’t have a spot for him, he might need to enter the concussion protocol.


ugh. thats crushing. feel bad for the kid.

LMAO!!! Joke of the day goes to you!!!

Why feel bad for him? Because he jumped the gun. He should have talked with his family like put in his tweet and maybe his recruiter from Baylor before showing his hand. Let this be a lesson to other recruits.

I wonder if Blum would still want to coach him know he flipped.

I don’t disagree with you. But he had a change of heart for a reason and now that been taken away from him without his control. At the end of the day hes a 18yo and hes prone to making mistakes. I’ll be sympathetic towards him.


It’s a Nigerian thing. We are hard on one another. Lol

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But what about the interviews

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It’s back up…

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