Oh man, I just read that Robert Newhouse died

It might have been CBY who said it, but somebody described him as a bowling ball with razor blades…

The fact that it was 6 years ago doesn’t really matter to me. Sometimes we need a reminder that someone has passed away. I admit that I had forgotten his way to soon death. It was a sad day then and it’s still saddens me today, that said it also rekindles all the great memories of him that I have when he romped up and down the field at the Astrodome!

We need Coach H to meet a bread man.

I use to love that also. Probalby the only time I could stand rooting them. When Wade coached them, I just didn’t hate them as much. :laughing:

Did we have another football player with the same last name? Why am I thinking this?

Not sure but I think his grandson or something went to baylor.

He was related to John Newhouse, a starting RB on the ‘79 championship team that defeated Nebraska. I think they were brothers but not sure.

To be clear, John Newhouse, who played for the University of Houston, never, ever pushed his son Marshall into football. Not even while Marshall’s cousin Robert Newhouse played 12 years for the Dallas Cowboys; not even with cousins Reggie Newhouse (Baylor) and Rod Newhouse (Rice) playing Texas college football.

But wouldn’t that mean that John, who played about seven years later than Robert, is Robert’s uncle? Unless maybe Robert and Marshall are 2nd cousins? I actually saw that article but wasn’t sure about it’s accuracy on the relationship. I would think this one makes more sense:

“In addition to his father [John], Newhouse’s late uncle, Robert Newhouse, played fullback in the league for 12 years.”

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I agree, the other one seemed odd, but perhaps it’s my memory lol. I remember Robert in the dorm, we were about the same height, but his thighs were as big as my waist.

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While Gator was not a touted recruit here, he turned out to be probably the most productive runner we ever had here…and yes, he had legs like tree trunks, second to only Paul Gipson…
Our staff found out about Robert when a Mrs. Bairds breadman, who was also a huge Coog fan, brought a film in of his high school skills…the rest is history…


The Cowboys named him the “Human Bowling Ball” Opponents said trying to tackle him was like trying to tackle a fire hydrant. His second effort was truly amazing.

He was powerful and ran so low to the ground…

He should have won the Heisman in 1971.


I haven’t seen any highlights of his games at UH.

The original “Human Bowling Ball” was Charlie Tolar with the Oilers. Anyway, Robert Newhouse was a great Cougar.

I had to go back and research his stats and
indeed he had some impressive rushing numbers. To not even be a Heisman finalist just seems very wrong. Looks like we were an independent back then to , so not sure if perhaps not being affiliated with a conference came into play as well with the Heisman award snub ?

Robert’s college receiving stats seemed kinda low as I remembered him being a pretty reliable receiver with the Cowboys. But that was probably just a side
effect of the veer offense. And the fact he got so many yards rushing there was no need to pass it to

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Certainly arguable but it’s absurd that he wasn’t even among the top 10 in receiving votes. Cornell’s Ed Marinaro came in second playing for an Ivy League school that played one non-conference game against 4-7 Rutgers. UH played Alabama (#4), Arizona State (#16), Colorado (#3), Florida State (#19). Newhouse averaged a yard per carry (6.3) more than Marinaro’s 5.3.

I think Newhouse and Gipson are clearly the all-time 1st team RBs. Probably any two of Dickie Post, Jim Strong, Chuck Weatherspoon, andAlois Blackwell on the 2nd team.


Gotta have Warren McVea and Antowain Smith on
that list somewhere too.

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They were all so good it is not possible to rank them.

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