Oh no... we suck again

Glad some of you Coogs like the pick. Personally, I think it’s the worst of the bunch and we are screwed. Glad it’s Friday… I need a few drinks and that may start early this weekend!!!

Have not not played one down and you think this?


Where are your seats located in case you decide not to renew your tickets.


Its not my 1st choice but lets work with it and support our football program
Hope this selection is the right one and we continue with a exciting offense and a awesome defense

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At the beginning of the search Major was my least favorite candidate. However, I think after doing some research there are many things that make sense about the hiring. First of all, he is a young guy who has always been an overachiever. He was at UT the same time as the highly touted Chris Sims, and definitely made the most of his opportunities. He actually put up some very good numbers and always seemed to play well in the big games. He didn’t have great size, speed, or even athleticism, but he always played well. I also believe the committee wanted to continue the trend of recruiting well, particularly in the greater Houston area. He was at Rice, UT, and obviously our OC the past two years. He also coached under Mack Brown and Nick Saban. It is easy to get caught up in the big name of Les Miles, or the glitz of Lane Kiffin, but I do think Major will do very well. I also think he can keep a few of the assistants Merman didn’t take and put together an excellent staff. I’m sure you knew all this and he was still probably your least favorite choice, but I definitely think the doubters will be pleasantly suprised by the Major and the results in the years to come from the Cougars. Go Coogs.


He deserves a chance. It’s not the end of the world, folks.


I hope you are right.

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These have been my thoughts exactly. I never thought CMA would get this job, but after thinking about it, I really like the hire. I’m 100% certain it’s going to be less drama than Kiffin and there’s a much better chance we keep CMA longer than we would have Kiffin. And of the 4 candidates, no one knows Houston and Texas recruiting better than CMA. Our offense will be really exciting to watch. Just hope if he can’t keep CTO, he finds a suitable replacement.


I also read, and I may be behind on the news here, that Bryson Smith is definitely staying with his commit to Houston now that Major has been named coach.

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Bryson is the only reason im not upset. He is the future. A bigger greg ward with a bigger arm. Got to give a chance. Also would be a big fu to tu if succeeds here. That would be sweet.

Someone on Facebook asked me if I’m going to be upset if CMA leaves in 3 years to go to UT. I said no because that means Tom Herman will have failed and that will make me so happy.


Major is never going to tu. Hes more like a penders. Has an axe to grind with the tsips. If shoving his success in the face of tu and herman happens, we will have killed 2 birds with one stone.


Coog fans.

Congrats on your hire. One thing that I hope does not hurt your program is all the worry about hiring coaches that are going to leave in 2 or 3 years. These buyouts many on the board are begging for may cost you an opportunity of gettting the best coaches and staying in the national spotlight.

If you have coaches that everyone else wants to hire that means your program is winning. In a non P5 conference isn’t that the thing you want and need the most?

If you continue to win and your hot coach leaves you will get your own hot coach. Just look at how many lined up to apply for your job. It is a great job but if you start adding buyouts and regulations the job does not become as attractive.

The one you should be mad at is UT. If UT did not try and block you from getting in Big 12 you would keep your coaches on your terms not the coaches terms.

Is that you clay? :joy:

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No Tom



Thanks. I think Herman’s departure after 2 years was the last straw (as well as seeing the trend of coaches leaving so quickly from G5 programs). It’s hard to keep recruits and a fanbase when you’re a stepping stone. How can you go to your fans and ask them to spend money in a pro sports town if your coach leaves every few years? Houston has shown they won’t support something that they see as “minor league” if that’s what they perceive it as is. Even this year, when the rumors started flying about our ex-coach, the fans began to stay away.

In the end though, Applewhite may have been our best choice out of the guys remaining. While he may be the least regarded; there are qualities he has that can be very successful, and I’m not talking about him possibly staying. Guy is intelligent, personable, dedicated, and has a great pedigree. He’s also a legend in Texas and will be able to walk into most recruits’ houses based on his name alone. That could be enough to continue bringing in the best classes in the G5 which will put us in contention every year.

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Sorry but UH has never sucked.

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Umm… We did go 0-11 one year

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