OK, so where will we be ranked next week?

(Ryon Adams) #1

Any guesses?



(Matt Jackson) #3

The rankings that matter for tournament seeding RPI (around #19 if UH beats Temple). Ken Pom probably 21 or 22. FYI should UH win out and win the AAC tournament, its RPI gets up to #9 or #8. I know long way off, but team has a chance to not just make the tourney but make some noise with a good seed.


Lose to Temple and I don’t know if we do.


The NCAA selection committee looks at 6 different rankings:

Three based soley on wins and losses (RPI, KPI and ESPN SOR).

Three that look at scores too (Pomeroy, Sagarin and ESPN BPI).

On the Team Sheets, the NCAA lists all these rankings at the top, including an average of each group of three, and a six-rank average.


In looking at historical correlations between these rankings and the ultimate seeds, it appears to me that the average of RPI, KPI and ESPN SOR is about 2-3x as important as the average of the score-based rankings.