OK, Upsets Happen


There have been plenty of upsets in CFB this season, they hapen each week. Let’s hope that Tulsa was our “bad” game and we play to our capabilities the remainder. We suimply have good athletes that are not playing up to their capabilities. Perhaps it is motivation, maybe coaching, but if we beat memphis, who knows…

Maybe Tulsa wins out…

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Got whipped…but a big game v Memphis puts it behind us quick.

We are so far away from an outside the numbers attack to open up the middle we seem stuck with this power game for now.

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This is a level of optimism that is both inspiring and silly to me. The team has glaring deficiencies in personnel and a coaching staff who refuses to adjust to anything. This is a team that can be good this year, not great but good. But there coaching staff’s stubbornness on running this ineffective offense, caps us at mediocre.


First point, Tulsa will not win out. This was SMU redux, ironically on the first game of October again. Second point, the best coaches will adjust their schemes to fit the talent and then recruit to fit the system they want. Bad coaches insist on a system regardless of personnel. Helton was a classic example of a coach who only knew one way to do things and the results speak volumes. Three: CMA pulled the plug on Allen and rightly so. But did not pull it on Postma when he was obviously having an off day. 4th point: Based on the 1st 6 games, there is little reason to think this team will win more than two additional games. Beating Navy, Memphis and USF seems unlikely. So we end up 6-5 and play in that bowl in Cisco,Tx. It’s in a stadium that holds 20K and even then there will be no one show up to watch us lose to some no name school, leaving us 6-6. This is not the outcome anyone wants. Last point: If CMA wants to rescue the season and his career he needs to make abrupt and dramatic changes immediately. He has the talent on this team to end up 9-2. Does he have the leadership ability to make changes on his staff to get there? Let’s hope so.

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I think the folks that are pessimistic about this season have very valid points based on data and how our team has looked on field. Even after wins we knew the team just didn’t pass the eye test. The optimism is based on HOPE, with most of us hoping the Tulsa game becomes a watershed moment for the coaching staff to finally make changes to our scheme and personnel.

With that being said, we finally have some decent weather for the game on Thursday, so lets show up, get loud, and help the team turn around what has been a frustrating half season of football.

Go Coogs!!!


Tulane scored 60+ on the team that just beat us. I’m not confident about 6-5

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Speaking of Tulane, I see them trending upwards with Fritz at the helm. He’s been successful at every stop. Why UH didnt give serious co sideration to him is beyond puzzling.


Clemson, Washington State and Washington fans are probably saying the same things on their boards.

18-22 year old kids do 18-22year old things and don’t show up for games. It happened with Herman and Sumlin and Briles and it happened with Yeoman, in fact it has happened so often in out past that it is part of our DNA. Heck does anyone remember when SMU beat us when Jenkins was coach. Everyone remembers the 95 point game they don’t remember that SMU beats us 41-16 in 1992. There always seems to be one or two games like this.

Are the coaches off the hook? No not at all. My biggest complaint is that once we have a lead we seem to let off the gas instead of putting a dagger into the opponents hearts. Major says they don’t become conservative but that is not what I am seeing. We content with shortening the game instead of lengthening the lead.


Northern Coog,

Excellent post and points. All of them. We have weapons and are not using the corrrectly. We have problems and are not repairing them. If we have a good OLine Coach, what is he doing? The Offensive Co-ordinator is predictable. If not for King, no one can make yards after a catch into the backfield.

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What weapons…you mentioned King, who else? Stevenson would be good, but he’s hurt.

Postma is a former walk-on QB. He’s solid for what he is, but anyone watching this team over the past 2 years knew that if Postma was the starter, this team was going to be inconsistent. Allen doesn’t have the temperament to be a QB and will transfer after this year anyway. I agree with those that say start King, what do you have to lose.

Dunbar is a good possession receiver, Bonner is a good possession receiver, everyone else…? Corbin shows flashes but is inconsistent. Leday can run a straight line fast, but we don’t have a QB that can get it to him. Others on the bench may be faster, but there are reasons they aren’t playing.

RBs are good, but if the line isn’t going to block, what can you do.

OLine is not a good run-blocking unit, hasn’t been for two years. Pass protection can be hit and miss with this group. Thank Levine for not recruiting his last two years here as that would be our senior-junior classes right now; that affects the line more than anything.

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Patrick dropping so much truth in one post…


Development of the O-Line has been terrible. Mason Denley, Marcus Oliver, Kameron Eloph, and Josh Jones were all 3 stars with high expectations. Will Noble was a good recruit who has done well. Plus 3 stars Josh Thomas and Ja’Braylin Thomas could have been redshirt seniors this year. Add in that Herman brought in Na’ty Rodgers who was a 4 star big time juco recruit and juco Alex Fontana, there should be options. We couldn’t just get that unlucky, there has to be some issues with coaching and development. It’s actually hard to find another position group with as much talent on paper coming into UH.

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Injuries have had a lot to do with it. Eloph/Fontana are out for the season and both Thomas’s had to retire. Denley was hurt last year and seemed to regress when he came back after having a good '15 and hasn’t looked great when he’s been in there this year.

Rodgers is a top-notch pass-blocker and has been rated as such by PFF. His run-blocking is hit and miss, however. Josh Jones is probably the best all around guy on the line, but he has some letdowns from time to time. Noble’s really tailed off this year which is extremely concerning. Oliver has moments where he looks great and moments where he looks completely lost out there which isn’t good for a senior starter. I like Braylon Jones, but he looked more comfortable at LT than he does this year at LG.

I have a feeling that high school OL rankings may be almost impossible to establish, especially when most of the high schools you are recruiting are running pass-happy spread offenses (as most in Texas have gone to) and you’re looking for run blockers. Even if you can find some surefire guys, you’re going to be competing against some of the top programs in the nation for them, including the program up the road in Austin now , the Waco school, and the school out east in Baton Rouge.

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Forgot that Noble was hurt in the preseason which may be some of the reason for his struggles.

Here are other scholarship players that could be helping on the OL now:

  • ‘13 2* Emerald Faletuipapai - grade issues
  • ‘14 3* Darius Joiner - transferred after 2014
  • ‘14 2* Michael Moana - transferred after 2014
  • ‘14 2* Colton Freeman - medically retired
  • ‘15 JUCO James Works - left after 2015