Oklahoma vs Houston Teaser Video


i decided to make a UH Oklahoma teaser video the other day and some free time so i threw this together

(Rom mike) #2

Wow. You throw together well. Good job.


Great job!!!


Thanks for sharing!

(Marcus) #5

Dude, I love your videos. Keep up the good work. I subscribed to your page.


Very cool.

(PortlandCoog) #7

Made my day!


Thanks! This was a great surprise this morning.

(Patrick) #10

Great job, Pesik

(Coogs93) #11

Great job!

(David) #12

Great job!


Your vid just got posted to Houston Cougar football’s FB page.

(Jay Saunders) #14

Would like to interview you for aacfever.com about this video. Reply here or find me on Twitter @jayinmilwaukee


Sports Illustrated’s 'Campus Rush put up a story on your video. Well done.


(br5exg) #16

Outstanding! Had to watch it again.

(Chris) #17

Variety says:
Fired up, can’t wait.
Great job, two thumbs up.