One of the first college athletes to make money from her likeness

This is exactly what the NIL is supposed to do especially for the non-basketball/football athletes who are on partial scholarships.

Chloe V. Mitchell, a freshman volleyball player at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan is believed to be the first college athlete to make money from her likeness.

“We live in a country that thrives off of capitalism. That’s what we do. That’s kind of our thing,” she says. “So if we are given that opportunity to participate in [capitalism], as I think we should be, speaking as a student-athlete, then we should be able to make money off our name.”

Mitchell has 5,510 followers on YouTube, 48,600 followers on Instagram and a whopping 2.7 million followers on TikTok — an audience she garnered practically by accident in April 2020 during her final year of high school.

The now 19-year-old found that space in a small shed in her backyard and decided to turn it into a “she-shed.” Millions tuned in to watch the cleaning and renovating process.

Chloe V. Mitchell

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This is different. She has all her money coming from tiktok not from the sport. So her popularity isn’t from the attention she received in college. Also because she may or may not be bringing in revenue to the school. Just a thought

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I mean, it’s not that different. There was some athlete a while back for UCF that had to quit the team because the NCAA told him he had to make a choice between his sport and his non-monetized YouTube channel.


Which has always been complete and total BS.

This isn’t different. NCAA Division I NIL forbids student athletes from making money representing their sport and their school.

I meant in the way she’s getting paid and by whom under the circumstances because she was “famous” before her college career

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Yanno, I never considered these rules would help the attractive, young, tiktok “influencers” just as much as the star football players.

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