One Year?

The Astros stopped sign stealing in 2018 and by 2019 we had the best home record ever. By the way we won game 7 AT Dodger Stadium. The #%£$& Yankees are behind this.


And now in the market for a new HC and GM

I think Branch Rickey and Cornelius McGillicuddy are available.

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Most definitely the yankees are behind it. Evidently they are the UT of MLB in that you beat them you will be investigated.


They didn’t need to steal signs in Game 7 of the 2017 WS. Yu Darvish was tipping his pitches.

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This is the $&@#% Ing Yankees. Don’t win, find a legal loophole. Very 2020.

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They cheated. No excuses.

Hard to argue when you did it right after the league said don’t do it. Luhnow seems to have a win at all cost approach. The one I feel for is Hinch who seems like he was against it but was too weak to go against the others. He will be remembered as much for Trashcangate as he will for two WS appearances and 1 WS title.


This will be a new experience for Houston sports fans today after the news with the Astros and their sign stealing. The Astros have just moved up on the list of teams that the rest of MLB fanbases are going to love to hate. While it is sad about what happend it will be kind of interesting to root for a Houston sports team for the first time that is hated by other fans at a large degree.

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Stupid moves by Crane…

“Stupid” because the team was successful using these methods?

This franchise just received the second longest bans in MLB history outside of Rose’s lifetime ban (or that is what I read), lost their top 2 picks for the next two years hurting their future potential and an immeasurable amount of merchandise sales and fan goodwill.

Add the female reporter issue during the postseason and I have a hard time criticizing Crane for making the move on both fronts.

Now, if he turns to his son to be GM, THAT would be stupid.

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From reading the MLB report, the 1-yr suspensions would have been adequate. Firing Luhnow was overboard to me…but he also demoted Ryan so his son could take over that spot.

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I don’t like the apparent nepotism at the expense of Reid Ryan for sure. Luhnow may not be directly linked to the cheating but there must be more to the story for him to go down as well.

I don’t pretend to understand how a MLB front office works so I don’t know how likely it is that Luhnow could be clean in all of this. Luhnow seems more like the garbage can banging kind of guy than Hinch.

I do feel for Hinch but he knew what was going on and allegedly took passive steps to stop it but could not keep it from happening in his own house. I think another franchise will give them a shot – unless it of course MLB was pulling the strings behind the scenes as some have suggested.


I can’t believe the trash can lid is even mentioned in the report. That’s 1930’s ####!

And the report called into question the “insular” nature of Lunhow’s dept. And then quantifies that with one example of a guy yelling at a woman.

If you aren’t willing to provide concrete examples then don’t use visceral adjectives to strengthen your case.

They just didn’t want it out of hand so they dropped the hammer. I hope we have a better year next year. It’s the draft picks that hurt us most.

Here’s my question. Who does Crane rely on to help find his next GM?

They did it in the same season that the Yankees and Boston did it and then the league issued a warning to everyone else. If you are going to punish the Astros fro 2017 you have to punish the Yankees for 2017.

What did the Yankees do after the league issued warning in 2017?

You still don’t get the fact that the Yankees were doing it so the league decided not to punish them and warn everybody else? It was a way to NOT punish the Yankees. It’s like UNC not getting punished for having fake classes for athletes.

You’re trying to argue that multiple teams, including the Astros, were cheating before the league issued a warning to knock it off. After the warning, the Astros were caught cheating and punished. Therefore anybody who was cheating before the warning should be punished? Is that right?

Agreed, the Astros shot themselves in the foot when they continued cheating knowing that ML baseball was watching their ever move. I am surprised some of the players didn’t get in trouble, but I doubt any of them fessed up…

I’m saying the Yankees and Boston were already cheating, BECAUSE it was the beloved Yankees they opted to not punish them and pass the buck down the line. They also punished the GM who isn’t even in the clubhouse or dugout despite in their own report saying it was player driven, then didn’t punish any players. This was a hit job on the Astros and Lunhow, otherwise players would have been suspended and the Yankees would have been punished.
If you are going to punish one team for what they did in 2017 you have to punish everyone for what they did in 2017.