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Well, that’s a bummer. They may not even be a top 100 RPI team now.

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Was he the bald guy?

tj haws

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That’s nothing but horrible news. Even more so that BYU isn’t known for being corrupt in the traditional sense. Of course, they don’t need to be with their angle…but it’s awful for those guys. Most of their players are pretty sharp. Can’t believe that kid didn’t do the basic back study before he made that decision.

The whole college-to-NBA scheme is riddled with people sharing their poor judgement with kids.


Our away game at UC is already a chance for family dinner friends to see Powell play. I would prefer at Butler or Xavier over Indiana State.

Me too…that was a shout out to Larry Bird.

Less than 2 months…

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Should be 4-0 going into that Oregon game. Go Coogs!!!

I think the first one is an exhibition so we would be 3-0.

I would not be surprised to essentially have a large crowd of Coogfans at the Rice game, especially with the way fans showed up to the Red and White Scrimmage.

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It’s gotta be their biggest crowd of the season, right?

It always seems that visiting fans are sitting behind their team at every away game. How does one go about scoring those seats (specifically in Eugene, Oregon).

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UH @ Rice

Game on 22nd in Houston, on 23rd in Hawaii. 8 + hour flight. I hope there is lots of room to sleep on that flight . . . . .

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thats a typo… good catch, i dont think anyone would have noticed…the portland game is also in hawaii…its the 1st game of the tourney

youtube randomly started recommending byu basketball content to me yesterday…and all their italy games are on youtube --plus their coach had an interview yesterday

they will be playing 4 guards and 1 undersized big when they play us. they only had 2 bigs entering the offseason (who werent that big to begin with); yoeli childs is suspended for the 1st 9 games and gavin baxter, the other big, just announced that he was injured in practice and likely to miss the entire 2019-20 season… they are entering the season with no legitimate bigs

i watched 2 of their italy games …with or without yoeli childs they were never going to be great (yoeli, gavin and every transfer played) …its a team full of shooters, that was going to be super suspect/bad on defense no matter who was playing/eligible

their bench looked super long, i looked up their roster, it has 19 players. no one graduated from last years team, and their new coach got half his old team to transfer to byu (some as walk-ons/ utah valley)

imo the key to their season being NIT level good is the transfer waiver of Alex Barcello (former top 100 4*/ 2x Arizona Gatorade POY)
-he is by far their best perimeter defender and driver on byu’s roster, its not even close…has a very corey davis like defense …but byu people dont think he will get it and think the ncaa is out for them

either way we should be expect an infinte amount of 3s when we play them…

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I have been to Rice many times over the years and two things I can assure everyone…a. There will be more Coog fans on hand and b. Rice will play over their heads but hopefully we win going away…


I would like to add a 3rd: Rice will dynamic price the … out of the UH game and capitalize on the large UH crowd.


This for sure.

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