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I know where I’m going to be on Sept. 26, 2020! Statesboro is like a 3 hour drive from me!

Weak sauce Hunter. Weak sauce.

Sweet! I guess GA Southern is keen to recruit in H-Town so we were able to get them to agree to a home and home. :fearful:

One game like this is OK with me, BUT we have to start playing other P5 teams if WE want to be considered in that category.

Be still my heart. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Give me back my Vegas trip.

What does the rest of our OOC look like those years? If there are other creampuffs, then this is unacceptable. If we are have some reputable P5 programs lined up those years, then one gimme/tune-up game is acceptable.

I’m good with it; this is better than playing an FCS team. I imagine we’re trying to get another P5 for 2020 to come to TDECU.


09/05 - Rice
09/12 - at Kansas
09/26 - at Georgia Southern


09/04 - Georgia Southern
09/11 - at Rice
09/18 - Texas Tech
10/02 - at Vanderbilt

Holy crap really. #@$&*!!! :rage:

Added the current RPI to each of the teams. I know RPI is flawed but I just wanted to use one that was easy to find and ranks all the FBS and FCS together.

I understand that Georgia Southern is better than scheduling an FCS team but when Rice and Kansas are your other two OOC games so far, that means there is ZERO chance that we will be playing two ranked teams OOC that year.

Hey Guys

Our coaches don’t want to play 4 P5 teams every year. Or 3. And when they do play P5 teams, they want winnable games.

As for G5 teams, they want winnable games there too.

The goal is to go undefeated in nonconference with a couple of P5 scalps. Not have the hardest SOS. Why? Because the goal is NY6, not the playoffs.

I assume our leadership understands that schools like Texas St and ULaLa will travel more fans here (and be easier for our fans to get to) than Georgia Southern.

So there must be a special reason to schedule Georgia Southern. Think about it. Oh yeah. They run the option.

This game was scheduled as a result of what happened at Navy this year.

Yes, playing Georgia Southern in 2020 and 2021 will clearly help the team play Navy in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Or, maybe not so much.

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Our schedule is already set for 2017. And Georgia Southern is already set for 2018.

I bet a dollar we tried to work it out for 2019 and 2020, but 2020 and 2021 were the earliest agreeable dates.

I like the idea, but I don’t know if scheduling a G5 team is going to be determined around the fact they run the option now for games set up 4 and 5 years away. Way too much of a chance they change coaches or offenses by then. Not saying it didn’t play a part in it, but I am guessing we are looking at them as a team on the rise that will be a stronger game for us than a UTSA/Texas St or some other local school.

You seemed to be a bit confused. You say it is more important that we play winnable games over playing good P5 teams but then you say we are playing Georgia Southern because they have a style like a team we lost to this year.

  1. Scheduling another option happy team just doubles the chances of losing.

  2. The assumption that Georgia Southern will be running the same offense 4 years from now is a really bad assumption.

On top of that you say our coaches don’t want to play 3 or 4 P5 games a year. Scheduling Kansas will not count as playing a P5 team by anyone in the bowl selection committees so now we are forced to schedule a perennial top 25 team and still pray we have some competitive teams in conference that year.

You also said the goal of our coaches is to make an NY6 bowl and not the playoffs. If our coaches don’t want to have any top 25 teams on our schedule, no middle of the pack P5 teams on our schedule and are only targeting to finish first among G5 schools, why are we paying them P5 money?

So they don’t leave.

I think the plan is to hold out until the next realignment. Win AAC championships and NY6 appearances as much as possible for the next 5 years.

The time to beat P5 schools is in NY6 bowl games, not during the season. Maybe that’s the plan?

Hurts season ticket sales in the long run if the plan is to schedule soft teams.

Georgia Southern has run variants of the wishbone for almost 40 years now. They were one of the top programs in FCS running it, and they’ve done well so far in FBS with it. Their alums demand it. I don’t think it a bad assumption that they’ll still run the wishbone in 2020.

Regardless of their offense, Georgia Southern always punches above their weight and they’re one of the better G5 teams, even if they’re in the Sun Belt. If we’re scheduling 1 G5 a year when possible, that’s a damn good G5 to choose. That game in Statesboro is going to be tough.

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Many only follow P5 and UH football, but what you are saying about Georgia Southern is true. They put up 27 on Ole Miss last week and were competitive with Georgia Tech. The name on the jersey isn’t sexy, but they are a decent opponent. Also, you can only schedule who will play you. Let’s not forget that. If LSU, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, etc. don’t want to play you, then you don’t have much of an option there.

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