OPENING DAY: Houston vs Youngstown State - Game 1 (W 7-3)

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Go Coogs !!!

Whatever happened to Ron Brown?

7-3 Coogs in bot 8th. YS had a brief 3-2 lead in middle innings but hopefully Coogs can close out the final three outs. 7 runs on 7 hits with no HRs for Coogs (with 5 BB) is pretty efficient.

Disclaimer: not watching online or in person…just going by the box score

From what I could glean between box score/live stats and the radio broadcast - Lockhart started well, ran into a spell of very tough luck - lots of seeing eye weakly tapped balls that turned into singles - but they Brayson Hurdsman entered the game and was outstanding. ( 4 scoreless innings with only 1 hit and 6 Ks).

Ryan Hernandez was fearsome at the plate - so much so that after his three for three start YSU gave hime an intentional pass. Bielamowicz was excellent and Ian McMillan delivered a clutch RBI after Steven Rival pinch hit to deliver a then game tying sac fly.

Just to irritate me - the Coogs committed two errors versus none by the Penguins.


Playing at UIW…several ex-Coogs are there playing for Coach Schotzberger

Around the AAC…yikes Wichita


Live near Dallas but watched it on the PC, video quality seems much better this year.


But why? Just because he wanted to follow him? He was supposed to be a contributor. Was he not happy with playing time?

Was thinking the same thing, we now have in game highlights from the Twitter account too.

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I was there. It was a chilly night, but a baseball date for Valentine’s day was a huge win for yours truly. Good first game for our boys.


Really looking forward to next season hoping a lot of our hardball games are on ESPN+.

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She’s a keeper ! Watching games in Beeville…older I get the colder it seems

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Former WSU pitcher started for Sam tonight, who beat SMC 4-0.

What was all the chirping about between Lovelace & a Penguin batter? Looked like Lovelace didn’t like dude hovering around home plate after swinging & in the way when trying to throw ball back to pitcher. Ump gave batter a warning. Then when batter struck out, Lovelace said something (maybe to rub it in?) & ump gave another warning. Ump talked to both coaches.