Opening Line SMU

(Cary) #1

Houston favored, -7.5


have we covered the spread on any game this year?

(Cary) #3

We beat the spread vs Arizona and Rice. Spread was -13 vs Temple and -7 against TT.




Granted, we’re much better at home, but I just don’t see it. I think Smoo wins outright.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

All the numbers there. The predicted score has been high for us and for our opponent every game this year so far.

(Cary) #7

Well… considering SMU is 5-0 ATS, this could be a Cardiac Coogs game. I hope the guys come out with a chip on their shoulder after last year.


Eh. IME, spreads tend to adjust as the season goes along. I wouldn’t take too much away from that 5-0 ATS number.

(Patrick) #9

Tough to read SMU. They’ve played 4 very bad opponents and one very good one. They won handily against the bad, and lost handily against the good.

Coogs have to score points in this one to win.

(G.W.) #10

Usually good teams cover the spread.

(gpropes) #11

SMU boat raced us last year when we had a better team and coaching staff. Why does anyone think this year will be any different?

(Brad) #12

We are at home and aren’t dealing with our head coach moving on. And I’m sure our team is taking them seriously this year.

(Patrick) #13

SMU also isn’t coming off a bye and we haven’t played 7 weeks straight prior to this game.

(Ben B) #14

All true, but our offense is suspect this year. That negates the advantages listed. Hopefully another week working with the 1s gets some chemistry going between Postma and the offense. Maybe Johnson stops calling a goofy second half.


Our offense is so inconsistent that it’s making it very difficult to predict how we’ll do week to week. I felt sure we would beat Temple by 20+. The defense is going to have to win us a ton of games this year. My fear is that a home loss to SMU is going to be devastating for attendance this year. Let’s hope CMA has these boys prepared this week.


I think the important thing is to not panic about the offense. If you paid attention to what CMA said during the press conference is that BJ is getting used to what plays he can use with Postma. Postma hasn’t had the reps to that KA had, and was running an offense built around KA. Now KP will have an offense built around his strengths. This is good because KP is more like Dak and Fitz than Allen. I still have faith.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

People need to remember, the spread is based on betting trends, not predicted results. Vegas bookies could care less about how many points they think UH or SMU would win. All they care about is having a balance between people betting on SMU and UH.


The Texans switched from an immobile QB to a mobile QB and suddenly Bill O’Brien looks like a competent offensive coach. I’m praying the same is true for the Coogs.


Was that offense was built around KA or did they try to stuff him into that offense?


Were you watching the same games as everyone else? It was tailored to KA… For instance, on the jet sweep option, KA kept the ball how many times? None. On zone read plays, none of them; this was due to his limited athleticism (although I think he should have kept it a few times anyway). Second, one thing you’ll notice is that KP did not have to make more than 2 reads on designed pass plays. He would look to one side of the field only, as compared to Kyle Allen trying to drop back and scan the entire field (you’re asking to give up pressure to a QB holding the ball). There were a ton of quick slants ran as well. You didn’t see that with KA as much. BJ kept it simple, and it worked during the 1st half but caught up with us in the second when it became too predictable. Even the couple times when we went to a completely empty set, KP had one read and went there immediately following the snap.That brings me to my next point, people on these boards need to view this situation as objectively as possible.

  1. We had a starter who got all the reps-he did not preform well
  2. Got a new starting QB who preformed decent but was without reps (he struggled with timing)
  3. Temple’s defense adjusted to the vanilla play calling (they took advantage of the QB with little reps)
  4. King is back (seems healthy too)
    6)Corbin is slowly becoming a deep threat ( I bet he has a big day vs Smoo’s secondary)
  5. Once we finally settle on a QB (I think Postma is that guy) the offense will improve due to continuity (it’s really hard to be worse).

Yes the scoreboard every week says there is a need to panic, but the circumstances change weekly around the QB position. Let BJ and KP get used to each other, and then, if, then, it doesn’t pay off ( we don’t score at least 30 a game), then we panic.

Go Coogs!