Opening week games of interest


Wichita State beat Providence 83-80 last night. Pleasantly surprised by that outcome. Providence has last years squad plus two frosh they are pretty pumped about. McDuffie scored 32. He might have to carry them this year.

(Patrick) #22



This is true of UCF but not Oregon. Bol Bol is not your typical slow 7’2” guy. He will be incredibly tough to defend.

(Dan) #24

Wichita State had a nice bounceback win against Providence Friday night. Also Friday night ECU, a charter member of the “tank the AAC RPI club” lost to James Madison.


Can we swap out ECU for UC Irvine?

(Patrick) #26

UCF and SMU both lose yesterday to FAU and Southern Miss respectively. Conference isn’t doing to well against CUSA so far this year.

Hopefully, that doesn’t continue for us against Rice.


But then ECU bounces back and beats Lamar. That makes up for it, eh? :neutral_face:


We need to win the conference this year because next year, Memphis & UConn are coming next year!

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So, you have already decided that Penny can coach ?

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So, how is Tacko Fail and the transfer going to guard our 3’s ?

(Cristian) #31

Memphis is the only team who scares me for some reason. Those guys have been playing together for a bit. That’s not necessarily a new team.