Opponent Alert: SMU

Rice brought back Bailiff today and Chad Morris took his name out of the hat at Baylor and has decided to return to SMU for next year (and probably to be the lead choice at A&M or Tech if Sumlin or Kingsbury falters).

I’ve heard conflicting reports on this.

Dallas Morning News reported that he met with the team and staff and told them he was coming back. Basically, he wanted a ton of money from Baylor and they didn’t want to give it to him.

A source told SportsDay’s Bill Nichols on Monday that Morris had countered Baylor’s offer with a five-year, $24.5-million offer that Baylor did not approve. The source added that Morris was given a quick deadline on the decision and if he declined then Baylor officials would deny an offer was made.

Because coaches at Texas AAC schools in the year 2016 have never lied to their team before, right?

I heard that the sticking point was that he wanted his buyout to explicitly exclude the A&M job – as in, A&M wouldn’t have to pay it.

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I was thinking this exact thing when I responded.

I would think his next move is A&M since hes an aggie… didn’t he try to get the Tech job and got passed for KK?

What CFB has become when a HC that has a 5-7 record. Was 3-5 in conference in his last season as a HC is offered 24.5 million dollars, 5 year contract.

This HC was 1-3 in his last 4 games with the following scores:

51-7 Loss to Memphis
55-31 Win over ECU
35-27 Loss to USF
and a close
75-31 Loss to Navy.

Yea, that is definitely a P5 HC that is worth 4.9 million per season. Oh, but they probably start him out with less money and it increases with each season. That makes a difference.

No loyalty from coaches or universities.

Agents have used this dynamic to hold the school hostage and give the coach as many options as possible. TF talked about this in his interviews. Nice to know we are taking a hard stance from here on out.

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