Opponent Watch 2018-19: UCF

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Coach Johnny Dawkins admitted his team is still adjusting to that mindset. But as someone who has experienced 14 NCAA Tournaments as a player or a coach, Dawkins has plenty of useful advice on how to deal with heightened expectations.

“It’s all about their preparation,” he said. “They have to come with a certain focus and a certain commitment every day in order to meet that type of challenge. You’re going to take everyone’s best shot. But guess what? You should want everyone’s best shot. How do you get better if you’re playing teams that are giving less than their best?”

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Not playing well against FAU. I’m guessing the team needs some time to get used to playing with each other again.
Or they are just over-rated.


somewhere in the middle…laer in the season they would have destroyed fau…but ucf shouldn’t have needed refinement to beat fau

ucf was hyped for getting all these giants/dunkers…no one accounted for the fact that they cant shoot …for how bad there shooting will be they probably shouldn’t have been that high


Oh wow they ended up losing to FAU. How about that.

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Ouch…another RPI hit