Opponent Watch 2018: Rice

(Patrick) #1

Google Search Link: https://www.google.com/search?q=Where+football+fits+at+Rice+between+expectations,+academics+and+finances

(Charles) #2

Here’s what I got out of that. Cougars who gripe continually about our scheduling need to support the Rice Solution. Seriously raise the academic standards for all sports, then Texas, ND et al will be happy to schedule us.

(Monte P Gilliam) #3

you mean of course to go 1-11 and be a hopeless patsy, and play whenever and where ever they tell you…and THEN they will play us…Texas and LSU dont care about Rice’s academic standards, they care about getting an easy win over an old rival that is only a shadow of who they used to be…

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5

Outlook: It’s hard to imagine Rice will be able avoid a fourth consecutive losing season. School leaders were patient with Bailiff, giving him 11 seasons to run the program. Bloomgren will likely need at least a few seasons to implement his changes and show what he can do leading the Owls.

“I’m happy that we’re making progress,” Bloomgren told the Houston Chronicle after the Owls’ spring game. “We’re not where we need to be, but thank God we’re not where we used to be.

“I think that’s going to be our line for a while now.”

(srassen7) #6

if the grad transfer from Vandy or Jackson Tyner is a decent fit for the system I think they could go 3-9, which would be a MASSIVE endorsement of Bloomgren and his staff. For Rice it’s a pretty darn good staff, he has 2 former HCs as coordinators and among the other assistants a decent mix of guys with TX ties or guys who coached at “disadvantaged” programs.

Their defense will likely be awful though, so that’ll be a nice soft opening week landing for the new Cougar offense.

(David) #7

Hope it is softer than the Texas St and UTSA home openers.

(Luke P) #8

Thankfully we’re at Rice for that one! And we’re not opening a new stadium, so that should give us an edge too :joy:

(Patrick) #9

Rice is a hard place to win. Bailiff was able to do it more frequently than anyone since Jess Neely. Bloomgren has a chance to put his stamp on the program, but it may take time to start seeing results in the win column.

For 2018 there are mammoth questions at too many critical positions, starting with quarterback, to feel comfortable predicting any significant improvement.

(Patrick) #10

(Monte P Gilliam) #11

while not name players, those guys figure to really help a very bad Rice team that lacks talent almost everywhere…