Opponent watch 2018: TSU

Former Coog…for a very short while:

Can Dickson come back to UH next year?

I’m not sure why he ever left. Was it an academic thing?

Think we could hang a 100 on them? Would be fun to see! Lol

I would expect a Texas Tech v. Lamar type score: 77-0. Although I doubt we try to run it up too much since we’ve become pretty good friends with TSU over the past year. My wife will be out of town so I’m taking my 2 boys to watch this one.

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He can if he chooses.

It would be a good game to get some of the young DBs and WRs involved. We need to develop depth at those positions in a hurry because next year in the secondary is a huge question mark and the year after at WR(Lark and Corbin return as Seniors). Hopefully it’s 45-0 at the half and we mass sub. The question is will we see Dormady or Smith at QB in the second half?

Dickson, who signed with UH under the previous regime of Tom Herman, now the head coach at UT, declined Tuesday to discuss specifics of what led to his quick exit from UH.

“A lot of stuff went wrong,” Dickson said. “It wasn’t anything too bad. If I could do some things different, I would, and I’m sure if they could do some things different they would, too.”

Said Haywood: “He was only there for a short period of time. For some reason or another he wasn’t comfortable, so he left and went back home for a year.”

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