Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

Rayjon Tucker just transferred from Arkansas. 20pts per game, 7 rebpunds, 41 % from 3

Damn :astonished::flushed::flushed:

Tyreek Smith to UH ? @LincsmilyUH

I hope so! Memphis is getting scary


Remember Clyde, talent does not necessarily equal wins??!

Clyde couldnt get Yao Ming, Chris Anderson & Antonio Falu to campus to join Cedric Taylor-n-George Williams III

Did get Alton Ford and Dominick Smith…

Boogie Ellis just commited, That makes it 7 Commits now that have plus .90 ranking on 247. Now #4 class in the country. They are becoming Kentucky…

they still 1 more to go…they are going to try and get either trendon watford or boogie ellis

Just got Boggie, they are trying to get RJ Hampton

Wow. Boogie signed with Duke but got his released last week. Memphis will be a force for a long time if Penny can coach up those kids. Great and scary for the conference. Hope we get home and home against Memphis this upcoming year.

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Ironically there were Memphis fans on the conference boards saying UH had to be cheating LOL…To be honest, there is plenty of cheating to spread around…the main concern is getting caught…and another good thing is UT isn’t in our conference…

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thats guaranteed… projected top teams always play twice…
not only that, but ,most likely houston vs memphis will be the last game of conference play on cbs ( which is normally reserved for the 2 biggest conference draws)


There are at-large bids to be had. Look at the bottom of the bubble this year they weren’t good.
The AAC can be up to a 6-bid conference without ruffling many feathers. That’s what we want. Imagine winning 22 games in a “down year” and getting an at-large bid. There were CUSA years that wouldn’t have gotten us in the NIT.

I hope Memphis becomes a juggernaut from this and if shady they don’t get caught. But the rest of the league has to rise with them. Beat them sometimes in a year when they have great OOC wins, showcase the whole league.

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Precious Achiuwa will also commit to Memphis soon. 5 star stud. Oh yeah, they’re cheating lol.


Wow… Ur way behind lol.

I hope we land Tyreek Smith. We need as many talented bodies as we can to assemble against that juggernaut aka Memphis; most likely preseason number #1 in the country.

Houston v memphis becomes must see TV.

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“Arms Race”

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lsu on paper last year looked better than memphis on paper this year…im not that worried about them

(note lsu had the #3 recruiting class, and then had 3 all-conference level returning players, with one of them seen as an all-american)

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A strong Memphis is good for the conference. Should be an exciting challenge for our guys.

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