Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

And vice versa.

I want them early then. LSU got better as the season went on. So did UCF

As long as Memphis doesn’t get so good that we can’t beat them (don’t see that happening with CKS), then their ascendance is definitely good for us and the conference.

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I’m kind of torn on all of this. We’ve seen that CKS can coach up the guys we are getting to compete with and beat teams full of 5* studs, so I’m not worried about being able to compete. Plus, the level of recruits we are getting seems to be getting better each year we keep winning. I’m more worried about the one and done (and soon to be none and done) approach to recruiting. To be successful with that approach, you have to be a REALLY good Xs and Os coach and be able to take a bunch of stars and make them play well together as a team. And you only have one year to do it then have to start all over again. The jury is certainly still out on whether Penny is that type of coach. And once all his former HS and AAU players are done with college and he no longer has those ultra-personal relationships, what is he going to do then?

All that to say, I’m much more in favor of the long game when it comes to recruiting. Our teams have been so good the last couple of years because they play very good team basketball. That comes from great coaching and time together in the same system. Memphis bringing in a bunch of highly rated players will certainly garner much needed attention to our conference, but I fear it will be very short-lived.


Smith is most likely going to Tech…

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They might get some decent longevity out of it. Wiseman is obviously a one-and-done type player, but a number of these other guys will likely be staying for at least two years. That gives them some time to properly build a program, rather than just being a one hit wonder.

Wow… That’s news to me. :sob::sob::sob:

Penny can’t coach, tho. :sleepy:

He doesn’t have much experience, but I’m willing to give him another year or two before I make any determination on his coaching ability. We might also see him improve as he gains experience. Even if he can’t coach well, having talented teams will get him to the tournament every year, and if he is able to consistently get guys to the NBA, he’ll keep getting more talented kids wanting to play for him.

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precious achiuwa and trendon watford are both commiting by monday…there is an assumption memphis will land one of them

note uconn is part of the final 4 finalists for achiuwa even though most dont think he’ll land there

something interesting to keep an out for: Washington (who is also in the diamond classic/ and as the only 2 projected good teams in it, we’ll be favored to meet unless one of us is upset):
–as of yesterday many belive they are the favorite for 5star jaden mcdaniels (was a kentucky favorite before)
many also believe Michigan’s top 50 commit from Washington is going to flip to them aswell…

if both happen…Washington will have a top 10 recruiting class

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The race is on for Penny.

Will he become a championship coach BEFORE the FBI intervenes ??


Over/under on NCAA sanctions for Memphis: two years



Over, NCAA is a toothless animal these days. Even if they get caught nothing will happen.


Advice to Penny…Don’t say anything over the phone. Learn some tricks from the Mafia Dons.

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True. Feds are the ones you should fear; Ncaa officials, not so much. They’re more like babysitting rental cops.

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Avoiding the feds isn’t hard. Just cheat the old fashioned way.

5star achiuwa to memphis

Does that give them the #1 recruiting class overall now?

It’s going to be glorious when we still beat them twice next year.