Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

Yes. According to 247

  1. Memphis
  2. Kentucky
  3. Arizona
  4. Duke
  5. Villanova

yep they have the #1 classs according to every recruiting service now…

and recruiting services dont count grad transfers, so they arent even counting that they have the #2 (by espn) grad transfer that came available this season

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It appears that Team FedEx is back in the game! Big things ahead for the AAC!

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Some gurus think he’s number #1 transfer


That game is going to be sold out. And without corey guiding defense its worrisome but hopefully we pull it out

Depends how Mills & Sasser look like. I believe in our program as far as developing as far as mentally and physically. This Europe trip is perfect for this team to get cohesion & chemistry together.

This is great for the conference strength of schedule, and should help bring a lot of viewers to our conference that wouldn’t otherwise watch. Our games against Memphis will be great preparation for the tournament.


We’re about to find out what kind of coach Penny really is. If he can’t win a ton of games with these guys, it’s not going to look great for him.


They also return some key players
Guards: Lomax, Harris
Forward: Thomas
Center: Maurice

It’s like having a Kentucky or Duke in our conference :weary::weary::weary:

IMO preseason top 5.

i think we out talent then at the guards (my opinion offcourse)…i dont think its corey we need…
they drastically by miles out talent us at the bigs- 2 5stars coming in, 2 4 stars coming in…a big that started half the season for them is returning, and they had a 4star sitting out last season who becomes eligible

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This is Memphis & Penny’s season to do BIG things. Because it’s going to be hard to duplicate this much talent on a team again. They’re NC contenders. Wiseman is SPECIAL.

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ECU already holding a prayer vigil to keep them V Memphis from being televised.


James, DJ and Precious… 7"0, 6’9, 6’7… that’s some height :tired_face:

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:sob::sob::sob: when our starting center is 6’7

Precious is 6’9 at SF :sob::sob::sob:

We sending EMS your way Progs. Hang in there! :joy:

U seem quite quiet on this topic, Tom :thinking:

Well hopefully our starting center is 6’10 but I understand that Gorham could be a big piece on the team and the only way you get him and Fabian on the court together is if you have one at the 5