Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

Yea as someone older I don’t get to caught up in all the 5* , top 100. I mean their nice but I’m way past that w CKS at the helm. I know he will get players in here who can compete n contend for AAC Title year after year.

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Two years ago WSU had much better talent than UH and Coogs beat them here n again in semi-finals of Conf tourney!!

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Noooo lol

Greg Marshall.

LSU probably a better comp…

WSU was a bunch of coached up players on their senior years…talent wise they werent that spectacular … one player on the roster will likely get drafted, 2 will be on an nba roster
this memphis team will likley have 4-7 get drafted, 7-9 will be on an nba roster …would be higher if tyler harris and alex lomax werent 5’9

True. Greg Marshall & co. helped developed those players from Wichita St.

As a 59 year old, I can’t afford to get more grey hair n worry about where a 17/18 yr old kid wants to go shoot Hoops. Oh I almost forgot get an Education also!!:crazy_face:

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Education pshhh… Most of those players (Memphis) are thinking NBA.

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One was starting for Clippers in playoffs this year!!

He was a 2/3 star

That’s why i joked about education unfortunately

That’s fine. Again I’m more concerned what kind of TEAM CKS will put together. He had his team up 3 w 55 secs left against team w bunch 4/5* in NCAA Tourney.


that was the single one who was drafted…the other who wont get drafted but will get a 2 way contract is mcduffie

everyone projected to start for memphis will atleast get a 2 way contract…2 or 3 from the bench are projected to aswell when their college career is over

Ok good deal. Need to watch Coogs Softball game-Regionals. Y’all should give it a look! #GoCoogs

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also im not disagreeing with your point, im just saying the wsu probably not a good comp to what we’ll be facing with memphis…

i think if we play them early i think we beat them…later on will be tougher

im glad they got precious instead of watford, becuase even though precious is a better big, he cant shoot like watford, and james not a good shooter either…so we’ll be able to double in the post

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I Trust CKS. Out!

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Big 3 run homer. Coogs 3-0 over Aggies

Knoxville radio talked about Penny and Memphis for hours today. They fully expect the rebuilding Vols to get beat by the Tigers this year.

They’re is not a team like Duke last year. Should be a fun year.

5 top 100 and 3 in the top 25. Wow

*6 top 100
4 star pg
#1 graduate transfer
4 pretty good returnees