Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

Guessing Mitchell didn’t want to play shoe company Price is Right.


To help him enhance his cheating with better plausible deniability ?

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that’s fishier than all the other theories on here

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Yeah, no other coach out there has ever been honest with a recruit about his plans for that player. Get outta here, Penny.


Lets hope its more of a perfect storm than the norm. I think he was fortunate to have had a home grown talent like Wiseman in his backyard.

right and getting Wiseman and the other 4 star Memphis player raised the excitement which brought the others to buy in. It’s completely plausible that young men see it as building something special.

Yep. I welcome the challenge of a preseason top 5 team. UH ain’t too shabby either as they’ll likely be a preseason top 15 team.

This year’s preseason top 10 didn’t include a single team that was unranked the previous year. LSU and Oregon had top 5 recruiting classes in 2018 and neither started top 10, little alone top 5, for last season. They will get to move up fast if they have any top 25 wins in November but they won’t start as high as you seem to think.

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LSU nor Oregon had as good of a recruiting class last year. Nor where their classes as hype or had the #1 overall player. Memphis has the number #1 recruiting class, so they might overrated them from the get go. Btw, LSU & Oregon were top 15 preseason selections. Now, how high are we talking about, top 10 no doubt, there ain’t no real difference between being ranked 10 or 5 from the get go.

Every good rivalry needs a good versus evil slant, Memphis 5 stars questionably recruited versus Houston’s 3-4 stars who are coached up. I like it, very sellable.


The last two years (not going further back than that) EVERY team in the top 10 was in the NCAA tourney the year before. You find me a time when an NIT team was ranked preseason top 10 the next year and I’ll let you slide on changing from top 5 to top 10.

Don’t forget this is the only updated I found of the preseason rankings… Once a few a months past, the Memphis hype will have their arrow going ^^^^ up. We’ll see with all the defections to the NBA draft and who’s going pro. And who looks good early on buzz.



That isn’t a preseason poll. That is an article written by one guy. I didn’t say they won’t get any top 10 votes. I said they won’t be top 10. A not so subtle nuance lost on you in many discussions.

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See now youre changing the narrative lol.

Yeah, because that totally reads that you meant there will be some voters ranking Memphis top 5 and Houston top 15. Because that is what makes a top 5 team a top 5 team, is when a couple of voters out of 64 put them there.


are you saying memphis wont be top 10??

they are a pretty good lock as a top 10 at this point (on the stipulation that rayjon tucker doesnt leave…and if he leaves rj hampton isnt added)… (*noting that there are rumors that tucker might not qualify to grad transfer, and a secondary rumors that 5 star Hampton wants to join memphis if rayjon decides to not go to memphis)

your premise of everyone ranked in the preseason top 10 was a tourney team the year before doesnt even correlate …as every single team with the #1 recruiting class was a tourney team the year before…

also it isnt just NBC…cbs sports and a ton of lesser sites all have memphis top 10 in thier preseason poll…100% of every preseason poll ive seen since them landing precious has them top 10…
espn hasnt updated in a month, but espn had them at 18…before landing top 70 lester, top 30 boogie, top 20 precious…and top 2 grad transfer rayjon tucker


I’m not saying you are wrong (fwiw I think Memphis will be somewhere between 9 and 13, so it could go either way), but this only works if you can find an instance where someone with the consensus #1 recruiting class isn’t top 10 as well. I get that Oregon had a top 5 class and was ranked 14th, but that’s not #1.

Jerry Palm does this where he’ll say X team won’t make the tourney because no team with X number of sub 250 losses has ever made the tourney, but he doesn’t address that no team that has as many top 50 wins as X team has ever missed it. If there’s never been a team with the #1 class that missed the tourney the year before, we’re in kind of unchartered waters.

pesik and TJ go back to the original argument. The goal posts were changed. The original statement is that it was basically set in stone that Memphis will be “top 5” and we will be “top 15.” I bring up numbers about top 10 teams to show how unlikely it is that Memphis goes from an unranked NIT team to being ranked 5th. So I don’t get this focus on me and ignoring the original statement by Progs unless you think Memphis will be ranked 5th. Done arguing this because even when the polls come out the conversations will change to “that’s not what I said.”

Let me add, that saying things like “well Oregon didn’t have the top recruiting class” doesn’t prove anything. To prove Memphis WILL BE top 5, you need to find an NIT or worse team ever being in the top 5 the next year. You find that and I will concede. It’s not up to me to prove that it has happened before because it’s Prog that stated it like it’s a done deal. This argument wasn’t about the “chance” that Memphis could be ranked high, it was about the inevitability of something that has never happened before. Give me proof it has happened before. Then I’m wrong to argue it.

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