Opponent Watch 2019-20: Tulane

Terrible hire from the beginning. If I was Tulane, I’d head to Houston and talk to our assistants

Former Ole Miss coach

I think Kennedy is a good coach. Wouldn’t be a bad hire. I’d love to see success at Tulane. I like their AD and they have always treated UH fans well for road games.


Conference needs them to. Tough to carry multiple 200+ RPI/NET teams in the conference. Ultimately brings everyone else down.

There is no reason Tulsa, Tulane and SMU can’t be excellent basketball schools. Tulsa had a string of sweet 16 appearances. SMU just a couple of years ago was very strong and if LSU gets hammered why couldn’t Tulane be the basketball school in Louisiana. Granted their 3,000 seat 300 year old arena doesn’t help them.

Hiring Dunleavy may have been wrong but firing him after this season is worse. He had injuries but the team was improving, plus he had a nice recruit coming in. Should have given him one more season.

Could see them interviewing Quannis White after the season. He recruits LA and has a lot of connections there. Not sure if it was a terrible hire but I was more shocked that Dunleavy went to Coach there. Little tidbit…I saw Dunleavy play at Hofheinz for the Rockets in early 70s against Knicks and Clyde Frasier, Dave DeBusscher


Kevin Johnson, an assistant at Louisiana-Lafayette for the last 10 seasons, will be the one newcomer to the staff that will include associate head coach Ray McCallum and assistant coach Claude Pardue. Additional staffers include Nate Summers as the director of basketball operations and Sean Mock as recruiting coordinator and director of player development.

Tom - Dunleavy was drafted by Philadelphia in 1976 and was traded to Rockets in 1977. Rockets played in Hofheinz through the 1974 season and moved to the Summit with their first game November 2, 1975. Maybe you meant to say you saw Dunleavy play at the Summit for the Rockets.

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you are correct Dunleavy was not on early 72-74 Rocket teams. Part that is correct was that I saw Knicks play at Hof against Rockets in early 70s couple of times.

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Tom - You probably got to see the Big “E” with the Rockets in those years as he was drafted number 1 by the San Diego Rockets before they moved to Houston. Don’t know why the Rockets traded him to Washington.

I don’t actually remember seeing Hayes play for Rockets at Hof. I believe he only played in Houston for 1 year before being traded to Baltimore Bullets. I remember Kevin Kunnert at Center, Ed Ratleff, Murphy, RudyT. I was young teenager n my brother would take me. Probably went during the 73/74 and 74/75 seasons…maybe 3-5 gms total before move to Summit.

Looks like KJ is back in the AAC.

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Is he any good?

Started 15 games for Rhode Island and averaged 5.7 PPG on 32.7%/25.5%/71.2% shooting.

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Darn. Was hoping they would be largely improved.

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