Opponent Watch 2019-20: Tulane

Is he entering the draft or transferring?

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Transferring to Villanova.

Hunter will probably have them win more than they did last year…but that’s not really that hard to do. This will probably be a 10-14 win team next season.

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A native of Nigeria, Ali attended Southwest Christian Academy in Little Rock his first two years of high school and spent his junior year at Little Rock Catholic. He averaged four points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.2 blocks while shooting 50 percent from the floor as a senior at Maumelle High School in 2017.

Ali redshirted this past season

Hunter says to call him and he’ll pay for your tickets one time and buy popcorn and a drink as well.

It wasn’t too long ago that was us. Couches and players begging for attendance.

I know Hunter isn’t a favorite of ours, but he’s exactly what Tulane needs right now. He runs an exciting system and he’s a good hype man. Which Tulane needs more than anything, a guy to drum up excitement when there isn’t much.


Agreed…Hard-core Tulane fans, what little of them there are, are fired up about him. I think he gets them respectable in a few years.

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The problem for Tulane is two fold:

  1. There is tremendous basketball talent in the city of New Orleans, but with the public school system being among the worst in the country, the local kids can’t get into Tulane, and,
  2. The vast majority of Tulane students are from other parts of the country, graduate and leave. Therre is not a lot of work in the city for Tulane grads.
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Just looking at who they brought in and upgrading at coach, they’ll probably double their win total or get close. That’s still only 11-12 wins, but that lessens their RPI anchor somewhat. If Tulane and ECU can even flirt with being top 200 in Ken Pom instead of closer to 300 that’d be a step in the right direction. I think everyone else in the league will be inside the top 100 or close to it.

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Your points 1 and 2 are the biggest reasons, plus just the total lack of history in basketball. Other programs in this league have that problem (USF and ECU most acutely, imo) but those schools don’t have nearly the challenge getting kids into school that Tulane does generally.

C’mon now, you wouldn’t have us believe that BB players have to meet the same qualifications as a regular student at a school like Tulane or Rice.

Check your reading glasses old timer, I didn’t say that anywhere.

Point guards Ray Ona Embo, who sat out with patellar tendinitis, and Seton Hall transfer Jordan Walker were on the roster in 2018-19. Everyone else is new, with three grad transfers, two other transfers whose 2019-2020 eligibility is still pending and four freshmen.

“People talk to me about all the (bad) things at Tulane, but I don’t know about it,” Hunter said. “My staff doesn’t know about it, and now (most of) the players don’t know about it. If you look at the success these players have had in their careers, a lot of them just know about winning.”

I really like this hire for Tulane. If Hunter can get enough support I think they can be a solid program.


They needed a salesman because for a short time he’ll be selling snake oil. Now if he can get some wins early he may be able to pump some real product out.
If I remember what someone said earlier he has already done that to some degree because they may have more talent than last year already.

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Agreed which makes the Dunleavy hiring confusing. He got a few good grad transfers so they should be better.

So I am Aresco and I am looking at the Tulane basketball program to be admitted to the American and
I think “gee, they might be in the top 300 and that is good enough for me”. ???