Opponent Watch 2019: Cincinnati

Clayton Trutor of Down The Drive Talks UC Football


The Bearcats have a tough schedule this year. UC plays three very big games in the first four weeks this year that will probably define their season. How do you think the Bearcats fare against a stretch that includes UCLA, Ohio State, and UCF?

The opening six contests of the Bearcats’ season are frightening. This is a vastly improved UCLA team. Anyone who saw them play in November 2018 saw a much different team than played Cincinnati last September. Ohio State and UCF both have significantly more talented rosters than Cincinnati at this point. The Bearcats could conceivably start the season at 1-5 this year and be just as good a team as the one in 2018. Cincinnati’s early schedule also includes Conference USA favorites Marshall and a Houston team that is ready to compete for an AAC title this season.

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officially confirmed late Wednesday night that Bearcats star safety James Wiggins would not play Thursday night vs UCLA due to a knee injury. The report also stated he would be out indefinitely. It’s unknown if rumors earlier this week about a torn ACL are true or not, but for now the Bearcats will need to plan for life without Wiggins.

Wiggins led the team with 4 interceptions in 2018, 3 of which were game clinchers. There was the amazing goal line stand vs Ohio, when the Bobcats were on the one yard line with under a minute to go. There was the incredible walk-off pick six on the road vs SMU. And there was the game clinched in the Military Bowl against Virginia Tech.

It’s not just the interceptions, Wiggins emerged as a big time play maker and leader on the Bearcats’ top 15 ranked defense last year. He will be missed. But the team will need to work quickly to replace him.

Fickell much more supportive than others have been.


Cant find full game yet:

Adam Sandler turned out to be a better coach than I thought he’d be…


But is he better than James Morgan McGill? :thinking:

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OL Shuffling:

Recipe for miscommunication and a sack fumble TD?

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