Opponent Watch 2019: Memphis

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Going Pro early


Thank the Lord!

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That sucks. Seems like they got an upgrade at both OC and DC. Hopefully our upgrades are better.

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You know, good for Norvell for staying there and building something. Hope he continues to have success for the sake of the conference, but I hope he finishes 2nd from now on.

The University of Memphis has added a year to the contract of head football coach Mike Norvell it was announced by Athletic Director Tom Bowen, Tuesday. The year keeps Norvell’s deal at five years and runs through 2023.
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“We wanted to show Coach Norvell that we appreciate the work he has put into elevating our football program,” Bowen said. “Back-to-back American Athletic Conference championship game appearances, three strong recruiting classes, with more coming on board tomorrow, and helping our program to an unprecedented five straight bowl appearances deserves a show of support. We are proud to be able to put a year back on his deal and keep him at the maximum five years.”

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You mean second in the West Division right?

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God, i hate Memphis!! Priority number 1 is whipping them in Houston next year!!