Opponent Watch: Texas Tech 2018

(Patrick) #1

In 2017 Kingsbury had the benefit of Nik Shimonek who while not playing much in 2016, did shine in his brief appearances. The Red Raiders returned a group of talented receivers for Shimonek to throw to as well. The most significant question was Tech’s defense and whether the Red Raiders could hold opponents below a reasonable scoring total to steal wins.

In 2018, Texas Tech will break in a new quarterback who hasn’t demonstrated competency on the field, and the Red Raiders lose Cameron Batson, Dylan Cantrell, Keke Coutee, and Derrick Willies from the receiving corps. They also lose Justin Stockton at running back.


From the article "Looking ahead at 2018 the Red Raiders have every chance to be 3-0, ". So, they have already marked us as a win for TT. I wonder what our team thinks about this.

(Monte P Gilliam) #3

They have a chance, and so do we…If King is our QB against them last year, we win that game…Looking forward to a great game up there this year. I think we will get after them pretty good…


I just think we are being underrated this year. We could very well be a monster.

(Ryon Adams) #5

I think that we even the score with Tech next year.


I didn’t realize they were losing so much production. That offense is going to have a ton of new faces on it next year.

(Patrick) #7

4 Tech players arrested yesterday:

(Ricky ) #8

Wasnt Jett Duffey expected to start over Carter McLane?


Probably just be suspended for the 1st half of the spring game…

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Big night at Bash Riprocks !
Brawling, smashing a car windshield,etc
They had to sick the dog on one of them.

Jett Duffey in the mix at starting QB.
This arrest added to his past issues could see him gone.

(Alfred Matthews) #11

“luddy” ?

(Alfred Matthews) #12

No…McLane Carter is the favorite to be the starter this year.


I think he’s only the “favorite” of writers who looked at PT from last year and made predictions. Nobody who actually watched him play would think that. It’s more of a toss-up than anything.

(Ricky ) #14

(Alfred Matthews) #15

LOL? Kingsbury a joke.


“We will see how quickly this blows over to see if we need to assign any real punishment. Since we start the season with Ole Miss, I am really hoping people forget about this. Our administration is looking into possible ways to suspend them for the Lamar game only.” - Kingsbury


Salisbury would rather win than hold these young men accountable? Seems legit.

(Cristian) #18

I dont know what happened but theres always two sides. Media sometimes has a way of making a situation worse. If theyre still on the team definitely two sides.


The police video is…well, if it were kids in our program, we would be questioning whether there should have been an arrest.

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