Orlando recommended this guy

Do you miss me now?

D”Onofrio runs a meek defense
No blitzes

Ed is bottled up with our 3 man front vs 5 OL
The few blitzes we did were slow, so obvious, easily picked up

Obviously hurts with G. Davis out

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Oh, no. They blitz but they are often delayed blitzes or when they do blitz they are telegraphed prior to the snap.

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Yes, exactly

Sprewell is doing a good job. Davis’s blown tackle on the first drive cost us a TD.

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The secondary just isn’t very good.

Agree that everything is telegraphed and we’re tipping our hand to their offense. There’s no movement to confuse the QB and no delayed corner blitzes to put pressure on the quarterback. He’s just sitting in the pocket with all day to throw and picking our defense apart.

He recommended him to get back at UH for not making him hc. What dont you guys get? Orlando shohld have been hc all along

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Poor fundamentals, yes.

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