Orlando's defense is much different than D'Onofrio's


Sitting here watching the Texas / Mizzou game and man do I miss Orlando’s style of defense.

He disquises blitzes, brings heat from different parts of the field, stunts the d-line and really makes the quarterback make quick decisions.

Our defense this past year looked totally different from that. Instead we got slow telegraphed blitzes from the secondary and straight forward rushers that the other team doesn’t have to adjust to block. We saw plenty of that against Fresno State where the quarterback had all day to make decisions and throw the ball with no pressure.



They better enjoy TO while they can because he will be a HC very soon!


Me thinks he should have been one already




Orlando attacks the other team offense. He blitz and plays man to man corners. Donfrios just plays zone defense and any good passing team just takes apart his defense remember the Memphis game.


Missouri lost OC Huepel and OL coach Ellarbee to UCF. It showed.

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Which Memphis game? The one where a senior Ferguson had 1 TD, 1 INT and 471 yards passing against us for a 71.7 QBR or the one where a junior Ferguson had 4 TDs, 0 INTs and 409 yards passing against us for a 78.1 QBR?

Yeah Todd’s defense really held up against Memphis. SMH

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You guys seem to forget that Orlando’s first year here, we were ranked 115th in passing yards allowed.

This year our top tackler and our defender, tied with the most pass breakups, are converted 3* wide receivers prospects. They had a combined 8 starts between the two on defense last year. 2017 was not exactly our most experienced defensive crew.


Great job of coaching by Orlando considering he was missing his best player and a couple other starters. The defense created turnovers and kept the Tigers qb on his heels with different blitz packages. Other than their first game, the TU defense has been top notch this year. He will have one more year in Austin then on to HC job. Hope I end up being wrong but I think we picked the wrong assistant coach to take over our team.

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Didn’t watch the game, but I certainly miss the attacking style on defense we previously had. The soft zone seems to be all we have anymore – I say that because I really saw no meaningful adjustments throughout the year.

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Not surprising. Representative of the person and the program.


We had one entire series against Fresno where I dont think anybody put a hand on the ground, there would be like 6 guys near the line and at least 4 would come with stunts, delays, etc. Fresno just had a great O-line (and we dont have any great pass rushers). To be fair, we rarely did that all season, but I felt like in the first half of the bowl we were trying some new blitzes and techniques.


Orlando did great job and players stepped up…but Mizz player caller was calling his first game ever…Heupel offense had averaged over 50 points last 7 games …losing OC and OL coach had to have had a huge effect.

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I watched Mizzou most of the season, their wins were against scrubs.

I do agree about defenses. I do miss Orlando.


Yes, I have to give Orlando a lot of credit. His defense won this game. However, I was somewhat shocked to see how Missouri, a bowl team from the SEC, was so soft physically, not to mention inept.


Here are some pass defense stats for opponents vs Fresno…

Vs Bama…41 Pass Att, 2 sacks, 3 QB Hurries, 2 Passes Defensed

Vs Wash…36 PA, 1 sack, 0 QB Hurries, 7 pass def

Vs UH…42 PA, 1 sack, 2 QB hurries, 5 pass def

Point…Fresno OL is really good…we arguably got more pressure on QB than Washington…also when Fresno played Bama and Wash…they were playing 2 QBs…other guy wasn’t a runner like McMaryion.

FSU QBs were a combined 47-77…61% vs Bama & Wash…410 yards, 2 TDS, 2 Ints

Vs UH…33-48…68%…342 yards, 0 TD, 1 Int

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What I remember is Herman playing footsie with other teams all week creating a distraction for the team !! I also remember us shutting them down the second half.

If you do not believe 18-22 year olds cannot be distracted, then explain the CUSA championship game that was Sumlin’s last at UH !!

Orlando has figured out that in today’s passing games you better pressure the QB and keep him guessing or you are toast.

Denofrio…maybe he will figure it out. Not holding my breath as he reports to the real problem !

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On the contrary, I believe in distractions. Like playing a game with no offensive coordinator and the offense not moving the ball other than one trick play. That can be a major distraction for the 18-22 year olds on defense.

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Um, we gave up 2 TDs on the last 2 drives in that game after taking the lead.