OT: 4 star qb commits to Tulane

First SMU now Tulane. We’re gonna have to step our game up.

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Only 6 commits going into August lol

Wow, he had 8 P5 offers including Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Oregon. That’s a really good catch for Tulane.


Kopp has really exploded on the recruiting scene, and it appears we have a decent chance to sign him. If we do we’ll be fine. He’s received offers from Ole Miss, Colorado, etc.

We only have six commits, but our average ranking per recruit is 2nd in AAC. I don’t see what’s funny. Considering the players we’re in on, this will likely end up being our best class since ‘16.


Tulane is a better school than any of those. Maybe he is a real student.


Tulane was on my daughters list for bio chem schools. They have an amazing academic education. But, when we toured it they are behind on facilities compared to other schools that are in her major. Apparently they are still recovering their physical plant from Katrina and the destruction from it. Beautiful looking campus. Once inside though run down facilities. They get a lot out of what they have.

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Sounds like probation incoming. Oh, well. :money_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why do you say that, theres no need to impune his, or Coach Fritz’s charactor? It sounds like those guys from Notre Dame when we signed Greenberry. Maybe the kid just liked the school, coaches, and New Orleans. N.O. has been rumored to have an appealing party environment for a teen. Since I would often drive over from Baton Rouge when I was in high school, I can verify those rumors.

Another aspect is that Tulane is fairly close to Taylorsville, MS, Mississippi so his parents could make the trip for his games. Taylorsville, MS is pretty centrally located in the AAC, so Tulane away games wouldn’t be that hard for family to go to UH, SMU, Memphis, and Florida teams.


Tulane’s defense has been very scrappy the since Fritz got there. Now, he’s building an offense. Guy acts like he’s trying to win some games.


Katrina was quite some time ago, pretty much 1.5 decades. So many American universities have had major make overs over that time period with new and renovated facilities and buildings.

Emory would be great for Biochem but isn’t on a lot of Texans’ radar. Better, but somewhat comparable, to Tulane.

We have a lot of competition for Kopp. If we get him it will be a great win for us but it appears we’ll be in for a dog fight.

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No doubt! Going to be extremely hard.

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Fritz is a winner. I fully expect him to have Tulane winning year in and year out.


Totally agree

Tulane is a known party school-if you are looking for that.

Our game is fine, we are in good with the players we want . Like someone said above this class will turn out to be really good when all said and done . This is my belief

Yeah,just like rice.

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But still a very good school. But most LA schools are known for partying. Its what they do in LA besides having great food.


Tulane has a great academic reputation nationwide. If he is really that good, he has a great education and a chance to play on Sunday’s. It is good for our conference to land these types of players.


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