OT: Anyone going to the XFL Game?

The team won convincingly, so expect an equal to or larger crowd for the next home game, depending on the weather.

At the 0:25 mark, touchdown who? You had one job! :joy:

I went and it was great. Exciting team and fun atmosphere.

Yall should give it a try.


I watched it on TV and enjoyed it.



That looks like a league made for D’Eric King.


Had a better crowd than we averaged. UH completely crapped the bed, only opened 2 parking lots it took an hour to park once we hit campus. It was announced all lots were open and it didn’t appear the rail was running as announced it would be. Only one concession stand per concourse was open it was a complete disaster. $30 to park is ridiculous, things like this will kill it. The game was great, fast paced and it appears Houston has some great players.


Don’t know if that is accurate, the ticket guy from the Roughnecks said it was around 24,000, the complete lower bowl was full and most of one lower side of the upperdeck

17815 seems to be the official attendance according to a number of sources.

Coogs…25518 announces average 2019

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How were the concessions? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Watched on tv with friends. It was fun. And the June Jones offense was clicking.

Can the Texans replace O’Brien with Jones?


Sure looked like more than 17,000 on TV. More like at least low 20’s.

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They didn’t sell tickets for the 3rd deck or the upper endzones. 17,000 is an accurate number.


I just read that the average AAFL attendance was only about 15K per game, with that number largely being skewed by San Antonio’s unusually high 27K per game.

So far, the XFL is doing better, but they still need to grow their fan base.

I think attendance will grow. The XFL had a pretty good debut and if the hometown team keeps winning, Houston usually gets behind that.

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This will be true for every market the XFL is in. I liked what I saw yesterday and will watch some of the games today, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with The Clash at Daytona.

Hope the XFL succeeds for what it is, and it keeps throwing some revenue at UH.

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My buddy went but I had to miss it. Said the crowd was really into the game. Concession and merchandise lines were horrendous.

Where can I find the attendance thread for the Texans games…Geez :sunglasses:

Texans have sold out 122 consecutive games. Attendance is a non-issue.

New York’s uniforms remind me of what the Gamblers used to wear.

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