OT: Coogs beat #5 Cincy!

(PortlandCoog) #1

How sweet it is… (despite the refs trying to help Cinci at the end)


Love it!!!..Go Coogs…Let’s Dance!!


At the end? The refs were helping Cincy the entire game. Majority of the calls were legit… BUT… call them for the same damn fouls!!! Was getting a bit ridiculous I thought.

(PortlandCoog) #4

I missed unfortunately the first 3/4rhs of game due to work, Seems like it was indeed the whole game.


It was also the same ref making all the bad calls.


Perhaps the NCAA needs to add another section to the stat sheet that shows how many call each ref made and against which team and the time of the call. I added the last item because in the last minute or so a team down by 8 or less is going to foul to get the ball back quickly. My guessing that a fair number of fouls called on Cinncy fell in this category while the fouls called on UH were during the meat of the game.


This sort of thing continues because the wrongdoers are not named. Can the coach demand that
a given individual not work our games?