OT: Eddie Sutton Passed Away

Those were some great games with Arkansas back in in the day.

I met him at ‘The Summit’ during a SWC Tournament. Very nice person.

RIP Coach Sutton


He was indeed a nice guy, and a great coach. I know how much CKS thought of him. RIP

A great coach indeed. Some terrific game vs them back in the day.

In 1975 Coach Sutton had Pat Foster & Gene Keady as his assistants & later Jim Dickey was on his staff.
To watch him work the referees was worth the price of admission unless it was when we were playing the Hogs!

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INDEED! I remember once, when we were playing Ark. in the post season tournament in Dallas, he threw his coat out on the floor once when he did not like a call - nothing happened to him. If GVL had done that, they would have thrown him out of the game!

Sutton often had the refs in the palm of his hand before the game even started!

Guy V vs Eddie was my favorite time as a Coog fan. If the SWC had survived, Guy V vs Eddie would have been the basketball version of Woody vs Bo.

Fun times for sure.

Guy, Crazy Abe Lemons, Shelby Metcalf, Eddie Sutton and a few others made it an entertaining era in our hoops history.


Great coach I thought he was done after the scandal at Kentucky but he got a second chance at OSU and had a great ending to his career.

Yea, C_R_A_Z_Y - like a fox! The story I liked most about him involved the way he handled a big loss by the Longhorns once. He also had a TV show, and after that loss, he appeared on the show - in a coffin! The TV camera opened the show, complete with somber music; and then, as the camera came ever closer - viewing Abe lying there, seeming to be dead; finally Abe sat up and declared, “but we '“ain’t” dead yet!”

How’s THAT - for a “crazy” way to handle a loss?


RIP Coach Sutton, a worthy adversary and a great coach.

Didn’t Kelvin stopping to chat with Eddie Sutton on the way off the court when UH played at OSU? It’s good to see coaching bonds and respect like that. I am glad Sutton was able to hear the news of his induction before he passed away.

Can somebody help me? I have this memory of a game played at the Summit - I think it was the final game of the old SWC basketball tournament - UH v. Arky. I was there. A clear memory remains that the game was won on a final shot by I think it was Lyndon Rose - but it might have been Cecile Rose. I remember how utterly crazy the place went - bedlam is a terribly soft understatement. It was one of those moments sport generates. Does anyone remember the year?

1978 SWC Tournament. I think the final score was 70-69. The Hogs went to the Final Four and UH was beaten in the first round of the NCAA tournament by Notre Dame.

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It was Cecil Rose. Ron Brewer of Arkansas went to the free throw line with the Piggies up by 1 to shoot a 1 and 1. He was a 90% free throw shooter. He bricked the free throw, we got the rebound, and Cecil pulled up for about a 15 footer to the right of the free throw line and drained it. What a roar when it hit nothing but net…
It was a semifinal game on Friday night. We beat the worthless Horns the next night 92-90 to win the SWC Tourney Championship.


Thanks so much for that. The memory is crystallizing again with your help. Doing some internet searching it appears that 1978 was the apotheosis of the Triplets era. So we were the dog going in - and yes - the sound when the shot hit was beyond deafening. This thread brought back the memory. (I personally enjoyed watching Eddie Sutton lose his cool when playing at Hofheinz)

Thanks so much - I appreciate your response, most kind.

Do any of you recall the game against Arkansas in Hofheinz when the Razorbacks had Moncrief, Brewer, and Delph and they were inbounding from half court and after one quick pick on a UH defender, Delph flicks an alley-oop to Moncrief from half court for a slam?

FWIW… the 1984 SWC MBB Tourney was in the Summit, where a wild sellout crowd watched our number 1 seed Coogs eeek out a 1 point win over the no. 2 seed Hogs, 57-56 on our way to our 3rd straight Final Four Showdown with UVa and GT. I took my mom and will NEVER forget how loud and fun it was!!

That was the game where Olajuwon fouled out late in the game without ever having touched an Arkansas player for the ENTIRE game.

Man, those SWC refs were good !!


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