OT: Important information about the A&M/Texas game's return



(Jeff Berger) #2

I’m glad. The past ten years or so, when UT and A&M have been nationally irrelevant, have allowed schools like UH and TCU to have more of the spotlight, which makes college football more interesting in these parts. The implication of a “need” to revive UT and A&M is that they are the two programs that matter…I hate that mentality. True, both appear to be back to being good programs, but this isn’t some po-dunk state with only two decent football teams. We don’t need UT v. A&M the way Alabama needs Auburn v. Alabama, for instance.

(Dave) #3

Back when it was for the SWC and who went to the Cotton Bowl … maybe …

then for the Big12 south division …

Now its just a meaningless game except for bragging rights between rival state alums

For moi I prefer quoting Rhett’s final farewell to Scarlett …

(P5_OR_BUST) #4

40% of voters want the game back. That’s huge. 46% don’t care.

There is no comparator. Ideally they would also have asked like should UT/A&M/TT v UH should be brought back. That way we’d have something to compare to.

As it is 40% wanting it back is actually pretty good.


I would love an annual thanksgiving UH-AM game at NRG


The only person who’s been leading the charge to revive this game is our old coach. the aggies I know, especially the older ones, want nothing to do with horn, and are happier to be getting their butt kicked in the SEC than existing under the Austin thumb. They’d much rather eat dirt than add another game to be repeated over and over on the LHN


I doubt they fear 4 loss Tom. We would gladly put them on our schedule. The Aggies I know want to play them. If they’re gonna sing about sawing the horns off, they should probably have them on the schedule. And nobody watches the LHN except TU people. It is a great school rivalry. Who can forget the TU grad posing as a racist Aggie.


They’re not afraid of the game. They’re tired of horn antics, as we all are. Your friends must be the 40%, mine are firmly in the 46%. Don’t care, old history…WAS a great school rivalry. Page turned

(Mike Higdon) #9

The Aggies jumped at the chance to play Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, etc and you think they are afraid to play UT? Not a chance.


Also, there were three other school tired of horn antics too fwiw


I wish we could but I’m sure there’s less than .001% of Aggies alum even want that game with us.


I would like to turn College Station and Austin into the world’s largest toxic waste dumps! How’s THAT for attitude? Do they still play football in those towns? Not as far as I am concerned!

(Westhoff) #13

Really if you look at the poll essentially 60% of texas doesn’t care enough about the game to have an opinion eithe way. Thats huge!


It’s a majority against but the fact that there’s 40% that do want it to happen is significant. I’d hazard to guess that any other poll for two teams to play again would be in the single digits or in the teens. And that one may very well be UT vs Nebraska.


Any of you guys thinking this means no one really cares about the game are unsurprisingly drawing the conclusions you want from this poll without paying attention to it. If you poll “Texas voters” about any thing related to sports you are going to get some weird answers. I think there was a poll a few years ago where 70+ year old Roger Staubach was the most popular choice to be the current Dallas Cowboys QB right now. If 40% of Texans really did care about this game and would watch it (they don’t though and even though that seems like a pretty good number on the surface you shouldn’t read too much into it either) that would mean something like 14 million viewers in the State of Texas alone. That would be astronomically massive for a college football game and not far from the total number of viewers who watched this year’s national championship in the entire country.

For this poll to mean anything you’d need to ask something like “How many football games a year do you watch?” and then pay attention to the results about desire to bring back the game among people who answered something like “5 or more” to that question.


What could possibly be “important” about that game?

(John Simpson) #17

Gardbarns is “fer it”?


Bro, 60% is a significant majority against a game that was once considered a tradition in the state. I mean, I know you’re trying to spin that 40% as significant but the fact that it is down to only 40% is more telling…a lot less people care. I’d hazard to guess the more time passes, that number will go down into the teens and single digits itself


Without knowing how many people actually cared while the game was going being held then how can you say 40% isn’t significant.

Was 100% of the State in favor of the game? 90%. What was it? What i do know is ratings were good


Likewise bro, likewise, how can you say 40% IS significant???

The ratings were good in the past, which meant more people cared in the state at the time. While we don’t have the same survey done 20yrs ago, you are somehow extrapolating that now 40% is somehow a significant number. To me, the significant number in this survey is the 60% that don’t care.

I mean, we can go on and on, you’re obviously pro-this game. So agree to disagree