OT: Important information about the A&M/Texas game's return


The poll is flawed but even if the 40% number is roughly correct then the viewers, just within the state of Texas, would rival the SEC championship game. Add in the national audience and it’s a no brainer.

As far as The majority of the state not caring, I bet the 40% approval rate is higher than most bills that the state legislature passes.

For one, the majority of the state probably doesn’t even care about college football to begin with, and 99% don’t care if the speed limit is changed in some Podunk part of the state.

As someone mentioned above we should not let it happen because any game we play on that weekend would be ignored


It was always more meaningful for the aggies than for the horns.


Who cares?!

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I don’t believe the poll for the following reasons:
I doub’t that 40% of the population are football fans because at least half are women and I would bet that at least half of the women are not football fans. Of those that are football fans, what % are UT or aTm fans? Of those that are, how many actually watch football on TV?

How many men in Texas are football fans – not of the soccer type? Of those who are, how many are UT or aTm fans and how many actually watch football on TV? I know that on any Thanksgiving you can find a whole lot of people not watching football on TV. Do we have any facts that say that 40% of the TV’s in Texas were tuned to the whorn/aggie games? If you could produce a tv rating that showed that, it may support the argument; but I haven’t seen any.

Would anyone think that the super bowl is not more popular than the UT/TAMU game? The average number of homes with the super bowl on tv was 46%. In those homes, the game was often on for a party. Most Super Bowl parties I’ve been to had more partying than watching – especially for the women. Most of the parties I went to had the women and some men gathered around the drinks and hors doeuvres and not actually watching the game.

I just don’t believe that 40% of Texans actually watched the game or would if the game were re-instated.


I agree! To me, my interest level would rank about the same as watching Rice play Lamar in women’s soccer.


You said it. Never liked Texas or A&M.


That was the whole point of the article, that 40% of the Texas population cares.

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That is correct:



I never watched that game to begin with. I don’t care


Best answer to the question - It is not going to happen!

At this point in time, the Ags would be very foolish to cow-tail to the little-horns.


The ags won’t do it because they want only one hard non conference game and three layup non-conference games…then they can fall back on the SEC mystique as people ignore their mid November semi-bye week.

Slam UT all you can but at least they play a decent non conference schedule usually.

Edit…Now this is hilarious…ripped from Reddit/r/cfb:

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Who cares and why is it on Coogfans anyway? This section is about Cougar Football. It is not about atm or uta. Can this be moved where it belongs?


Agreed. This is NOT important information!


This is funny


It’s about Cougar football in that its non-existence is good for Cougar football.