OT: Josh Allen

Does Josh Allen remind anyone else of Case? The guy is illusive and get’s the ball off downfield.

Not really, maybe it’s just the size and arm for me. But I don’t see it personally.


More like a young Cam Newton or Steve Young.

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If Josh Allen throws it with Accuracy like he did yesterday, that’s a scary proposition! He has every tool :wrench:except consistenly hitting his receivers.

Have always loved Case. But I don’t see the comparison.

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Allen is 6’-5", 238 lbs., 24 years old, starting QB for Bills

Keenum is 6’-1", 215 lbs., 32 years old, backup QB for Browns

Extreme admiration for a favorite son can often skew our perception.

I am no different, so with that in mind…Case is clearly the superior player. :smiley:


Guys, I wasn’t talking about physical attributes, I was talking about his illusiveness and accuracy. His game yesterday reminded me of Case’s game against Penn State. You guys need to look at the second sentence of my post and not limit the first sentence to physical appearance.

Lamar Jackson too. Elusive and throws the ball.

Just like Case


Just on physical attributes and strong arm I would say Maddox Kopp.

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Baker has really benefited from case being on the browns. He’s made him illusive and he’s throwing the ball down the field.

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