OT: LSU's Will Wade Caught up in scandal


I’ve heard next year’s schedule is a doozy. I’m hoping North Carolina is one team UH faces.

(Munzell Milluns) #22

It doesn’t surprise me Wade wanted to call it off. He’s got plenty of strength on schedule and a short recruiting drive.

Oh well…maybe his replacement.

(Randy Randel) #23

Put me in the corner of we will be better overall next year but won’t be sitting at 28-2 thru 30 games


More fire power on offense. The defense won’t have that much of a drop off. I agreed with you.


I think it gets down to Chris Harris… If he makes improvements we could be a top 5 team next year.

But don’t underestimate the loss of Davis and Robinson.

(Butch) #26

I am there with ya '72…I know we will be more talented but it might take some time for leaders to step forth…I love Hinton and feel like he could be something special next year…we have some very good incoming players and the future certainly looks bright…also thinking Gresham will step up in the middle…

(Munzell Milluns) #27

Players tend to change based on what’s needed from them. Hinton would never be a 18-24 point guy as long as Corey is here. But, when the void is created, he’ll probably fill it quickly.

Personally I’d like to see Jarreau going to the line 6-8 more times a game. That would mean more slashing, cutting, and finger rolls.


This is true. Rob Gray left. Cory and Galen had to step it up. They leave, now Brooks, Hinton, Jarreau will step it up, and on, and on…

(Fred) #29

I think we are moving into the next level.

Successful teams go into rebuild mode every three or four years. Great teams go into reload mode. I firmly believe we are moving on from rebuild mode going into reload mode. That’s when you become a regular fixture in the rankings, the NCAA tournament and high quality recruiting classes.

(Mike Higdon) #30

Brooks and Harris will be our seniors next year, so I expect them both to step it up. There is something that happens to a player when he becomes a senior and I think Brooks will really blossom. I also think that Jarreau and Hinton will step forward as well.

The future for our entire athletics program hasn’t looked this bright since our first year in the SWC in '76.

(Randy Randel) #31

Basketball program has never been in better shape.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #32

…how do you define never??? :wink:

(Matt Jackson) #33

Do we have open scholarships? I have a feeling every LSU player is about to be available and they have some bigs that could help lol

(VancouverCOOG) #34

That would be awesome!

(Randy Randel) #35

Last 40+ years

(Dan) #36

Cool, how much?

(VancouverCOOG) #37

Good riddance WW.


I would like to see Naz Reid in a Coog uniform.

(Randy Randel) #39


(Munzell Milluns) #40

OMG…Naz in a Coog uni would be epic.