OT: LSU's Will Wade Caught up in scandal


Spoken like a very young Coog. Our present program is, indeed, in good shape, but “never” is a very long time!

(PMM) #42

I think he was just caught up in the moment.

Certainly the shape it has been in 35 years.

(Randy Randel) #43

Attended first game in 1965. I’m talking about program from all aspects. I stand by my statement

(Patrick) #44

We have 2


they also have a FR point who has star written all over him


the controversy is actually about him…

(Randy Randel) #47

Why is Reid sitting out?




Do the Coogs have enough cap space is the question for Wade’s recruits

(Patrick) #50


Mr. Wade should go radio silent. All discussions about his employment with his employer should be done in private.


I’m guessing there’s about a 0% chance Naz Reid doesn’t go pro after this year. But if not, I would be all on board for grabbing him.

(Grant) #53

Haha…he gone. Good chance he might not be eligible either. If Smart got paid, I’d reckon so did Nasty Naz.

(Ricky ) #54

(Munzell Milluns) #55

Public fretting always ends a relationship.

(Paul Marlow) #56

Wonder if angling toward more money to go away? Make a bunch of noise to embarrass school to see if they will pay you to be quiet. He may not be coaching for a long time.

(Eric) #57

but he got his rights from the Constitution!

(Patrick) #58


How in the world did LSU think it was a good idea to reinstate this guy? This is going to end up biting them big time.

(Munzell Milluns) #60

It will only bite them if any one of twenty people come clean over the next 30 days.

Signed Will Wade