OT - Ohio State issues - Urban Meyer put on leave (Buckeyes continue to try to sully Tom Herman)

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If Urban were to go, there could possibly be some coaching movement from Houston or up in Austin.

And, no, I don’t believe Herms would leave Austin.

In before the Tom Herman hate starts :eyes: :smile_cat:

I’m sure Tom was just as ignorant to that abuse as Kendal was to the Baylor problem.

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Start the rumors, Herman to Ohio State, lol, he won’t leave Texas, not just yet:)

Movement from Houston? I can’t think of anyone on the current staff that could move.

Cincinnati could be losing a coach.

Les Miles is available…

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Kick em out of the Big 10. Add Houston! (Too soon?)


A big assumption that Ohio State would want Herman…

Baylor to the big10…seems like a perfect fit, afterall, they have a lot of experience !!!


Any tOSU grad transfers want to jump ship? We know a guy.

A fluid transition. Ha!


You guys should see the fb comments from Buckeye/other fans regarding the mcmurphy article. Just disgusting.

Let’s be perfectly “CLEAR” about this, Ohio st wants herps.

Guiton is my thought. He’s a hero there.

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