OT: Ohio State plot is thickening

…in a very lurid way…

Just when you think you have seen everything in college athletics.

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I’d say that man has a “fetish” and might be slightly kinky. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just don’t have it delivered to your place of business.


Probably shouldn’t be having sex with staffers in the office, who later had to be reassigned.


Yes! You beat me to it!

Did anyone think of the movie “Porky’s?” How would they know it was his penis, was there going to be a lineup?

This is really wierd? Another thought; if he was having sex with another staffer, why was he fired and the other staffer just re-assigned? Was not the other staffer equally guilty of having sex with him? If his advances were unwanted, all she had to do was to go to the university HR office and report sexual harassment. Double standard here.

(For those who may not get sarcasm in print, here is a hint.)

So you people are honestly going to sit here and say you wouldn’t have draped a presidential napkin over your pee-pee and taken a picture…given half a chance?

Most people only get to do that at Hardee’s and at society mixers covered by the Chronicle. I sense envy here.


Any particular kind?

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Well played J-Coog.

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