OT: Saban says Tide "deserves" to be in CFP

(JohnnyCougar) #1

His reasoning is that they won 11 games.

Well, wouldn’t that make UCF a shoe-in?

(JohnnyCougar) #2

Kiffen joins in the fun,


But they beat Mercer, Arky, Gaggies, etc. The mighty SEC. You know the rest.

(Mike Higdon) #4

Do any of you actually believe UCF would beat Alabama, or Auburn, or Georgia, or LSU, or Mississippi State? They may have a chance against So. Carolina, Kentucky, Mizzou, Florida, aTm, or Ole Miss; but I would bet of the teams I said they may have a chance against, if they played those 6 teams in a season, they would finish maybe 3-3 or 4-2 at best.


Bama, Auburn, Georgia, no. LSU or Mississippi State, yes. UCF>Troy.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

There is a difference between believing UCF would beat Alabama and believing UCF could be Alabama. I believe they could on any given Saturday on a neutral field. Would they beat Alabama 5 times out of 10? Maybe not. Would Alabama beat Memphis twice in a row like UCF has to do to stay undefeated? Probably not.


It doesn’t matter what you or I thinks in this imaginary UCF schedule. UCF is not in the SEC, and we know some of the programs you mentioned will not schedule schools like UCF for a non-conf game.

So instead of hypotheticals, let UCF settle it on the field. Not in a consolation game, but in a game with everything at stake.

(J V ) #8

If Herman showed anything is a team could get up and play toe to toe with Bama or Auburn.


It’s because no one knows who could beat who that we need a real playoff if for no other reason so the P5 can shut us up. Unless they think our best could, just maybe, beat theirs. Nah, that could never happen, wink, wink.


Do you think Pitt could beat Miami? Do you think Syracuse could beat Clemson? One of those 2 will likely be in the playoff and UCF is better than Syracuse and Pitt

(David) #11

The AAC champ is good enough to include in an 8-team playoff especially to play a P5 who didn’t win their conference.

Sorry, Alabama, there are only 4 spots in the current playoff. Two P6 [see what I did there?] Champs are already left out so the committee should not take a team that was 2nd or 3rd in their conference.

That being said:

  1. I think Alabama has an argument that they are one of the four best teams but their elite cartel created this current system that has shut out most from participating so they SHOULD be left out.
  2. I WANT Alabama to be included along with the SEC, ACC and Big XII. For real change, we need the B10 and/or SEC to be left out of the CFP. Pac12, Big XII and ACC carry no weight with the big boys.

(JohnnyCougar) #12

Nobody knows who would win before a game.
It’s after a game that you know.
That’s why they play the game.

(Paul Marlow) #13

I definitely think you need to win your conference to get into the discussion. If not, it cheapens the season.

(Chris) #14

red80 here is your answer
Sugar Bowl L 31–17 January 2, 2009 2008 Utah Utes Louisiana Superdome New Orleans 71,872 Nick Saban
The utes were in the MW. So you asked and as you can see not only can UCF beat Alabama but what about Boise State and others?
The cfp is a scam red80. If you believe that UCF can’t beat Alabama then you might as well stop watching sports. Sport is not a video game even though the cfp wants you to believe it is.
The ncaa and the cfp have an easy solution but it is against the cartel.
10 Conference Champions and six at large. Problem solved, end of story.

(Jerrycoog) #15

Nick Saban the same guy who a few years ago said if you don’t win your conference you don’t deserve to make the playoff.


Why are the P5 Conference championships not play in games? 6 or 8 team playoff.
5 P5 champs and room for 3 others…be it a ND if deserving and best 2 or 3 champs from G5.
How do you evaluate Auburn this year?
They lost 2 but beat 2 #1 teams…ultimately it comes down to winning SEC or not…for the most part the Big 10, SEC and ACC are already playin games…unofficially…Big 12 only if Okla wins…Pac 12 not so much. In an 8 team field, Bama and AAC champ belong this year


I think that UCF would be able to on a good day beat LSU, Mississippi State, A&M, Arkansas, and a number of teams from the ACC. They are a very good defensive unit and a good but not great offensive unit.


Saban is gonna make a pitch for his team to be inclued. We’d expect the same from our coach should UH be in their position. Nothing to see here.


UCF is a solid top 10 team. They play and they dominate teams like a top 10 team. They are fun to watch and are well coached. Hard to believe that they were winless in 2015. That’s just 2 years ago.

It’s a travesty that they are 14 in the CFB playoff rankings. No way should 3 loss teams be ranked above them. Having a 2-loss team above them (Auburn exception) is difficult to explain.

They are coming out full guns blazing. ANY team that plays them in NY6 will have a game on their hands. Wouldn’t be surprised if UCF runs away with it.


Bama didn’t win their conference DIVISION and that makes Saban a hypocrite.

Thanks jerrycoog92 for reminding us.
Nick Saban the same guy who a few years ago said if you don’t win your conference you don’t deserve to make the playoff.